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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Apr 10, 2016.

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    Thursday nights @ 8/7c on POP
    Use this thread to discuss the weekly going ons on Impact Wrestling. Use it as a live discussion when the show airs or to discuss tidbits about the show that you do not feel justify a thread of its own.

    Carry on.​
  2. - TNA is moving their company headquarters from the offices at Cummins Station in Nashville, Tennessee to the warehouse they have used for operations, also in Nashville, according to PWInsider.

    The move is set to happen in early May and has been planned for a while. Dixie Carter's previous company, Trifecta, was also located at Cummins Station and TNA has been there since Dixie and Panda Energy got involved.

    LMAOO! #TFA #OutOfBuildness
  3. They really are out of a building now.:shane:
  4. Confirmed for a mom and pop shop now
  5. TNA's new offices according to google street view:
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  6. Any hope still? And Dixie said this was a "growth plan"
  7. Sigh... I hear they could get new investors but Dixie needs to give up her majority share of the company. Can she just do it? At this point, it's really sad, like TNA had a good start to the POP era but things don't look bright, if they're getting kicked out of their offices and need to raise money for airfare to the Orlando tapings. Heck, I wish she sold it to Jarrett and the GFW angle resulted in him taking over the company, reading to start the POP era with new TV tapings every damn month. As a big TNA fan since 2012, I just wish we could go back to TNA being bright and full of hype; now, we lost guys like AJ, Aries, Roode, EY, Sting etc. And of course, whilst we do have talents like EC3 coming in, TNA feels A LOT smaller and they need a... Miracle.
  8. POP has dropped TNA's second airing on Tuesday nights.

    It begins again
  9. Given how GFW has gone Jarrett could have been a worse choice. TNA is in the shitter but at least it's not selling a golden pyramid down there.
  10. They obviously thought James fucking Storm was worth the money.
  11. oh boy....
  12. TNA President Dixie Carter reportedly promised employees at a staff meeting last week that big things are on the horizon for the company. TNA officials are still meeting with potential investors and partners.
  13. True, true... although, the real biggest problem GFW has faced so far (in my opinion) has been getting a TV deal in place. TNA has been able to get POP TV this year and so I wonder if JJ would've been able to work with the existing roster + new additions, given that he would have his own new backing AND the TV deal. To be fair though, it IS a lot of "what if"s.

    I really hope that TNA can survive this, it surprises me that they spent like 300k on Storm? I think it was that amount, but then they don't have enough money for tapings.
  14. Bennett getting that push. Defeated EC3 and Roode got his backed fucked to the brim.

  15. TNA's touching tribute to Chyna.

    So touching they couldn't even bother looking up her year of birth. Chyna was born in 1969, not 1970.

    The absolute circus this company is
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  16. Many sources including the her own page made that mistake, Blaming TNA is only feeding a jerk off contest.

    EDIT: Found it.
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    Chyna's page doesn't even list her age to begin with.

    And because "other sources" also fail at doing research doesn't excuse TNA from it.
    Whoever at the TNA warehouse and auto shop was in charge of putting that picture was too lazy to go on fucking wikipedia or IMDB and checking her date of birth, and whoever green lit it going on air (looking at you Gaburick) were equally as lazy. And this is just par the course of TNA being the baddest run wrestling company on the planet.

    TNA is a company run by a bunch of literal idiots with little to no idea how to make people work for them outside of making nazis force them to (see how TNA handled their production staff threatening to walk after not being paid for almost 4 months). And now a company said nazis are involved with are in the process of purchasing TNA because Dixie was dumb enough to take out a loan with them using majority shares in the company as deposit, when there at the same time were multiple buyers willing to buy 50+% of the company off of her.

    For the sake of the talent and ground floor staff, TNA needs to have every single person in a position of power backstage kicked out and some competent people instated instead. It's pretty obvious that since Pritchard (the only competent one backstage) left and Panda cut the funding in 2013 that it has been a slow slippery slope into death for TNA
  18. Tna are a fucking joke, does not take much time to check things out before posting a tribute. If your going to mention her just do a little bit of work for once.
  19. Caleb Konley is TNA.