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I remember there was the buff gal that helps AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels with their feud with America's Most Wanted. Who was that woman?

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I've been so busy these past few weeks sorry for not posting the write up for Impact, but even though Impact wasn't as good as last week it was still a solid Show. Moose is now 2-0 vs The Rascalz as even in a well paced Match, it was still entertaining watch Moose play with Wentz throughout the Match.

Su Yung vs Rosemary. It's more and more noticeable to me that Rosemary needs time off. She's still not healthy, and you see it in this Match she is so slow in Matches, and you can kinda see her walking with a limp at times. The Rosemary I saw in a Monster's Ball Match and Cage Match vs today are two different Wrestlers. I can easily see Su Yung beating Rosemary making her go on break and that's when you slide in Kiera Hogan. Give Rosemary 4-6 Months time off to get healthy and come back stronger than ever. She is a shell of true self right now.

I love the Segment Kross had with Willie Mack. He's stirring the Pot trying to get Mack to turn on Swann, and if Kross gets his way and Mack opens up his third eye he just very well listen and turn on Swann down the road!

The North vs Sheldon Jean & El Reverso. With what I saw from the North I wonder why didn't Impact sign Alexander sooner? Page has been floundering in Impact for quite some time and he looks to be finding his niche right now with his buddy and partner Alexander. It should be interesting how they fair up with teams like LAX, and the Lucha Bros in the future, but good stuff here, but the only hindrance is Jean and El Reverso getting in too much for a new Tag Team I feel.

Rayne vs Blanchard. Rayne is 2 for 2 in terms of good matches since returning and 3-0 on Tessa which is crazy thinking about how good Tessa has been since arriving in Impact herself. Tessa I never seen have a bad Match lately, and this was a good one as Tessa's overconfidence and arrogant came to bite her once again. I dug the Commentary Gail was doing as well, she doesn't like the new age of girls who think they are hot shit. She wants them to take the torch ladies like Gail and Rayne did and keep it going, and not let that fame and fortune make it seem like they are better than others. It's still funny though Gail back in the day especially when she was a heel would of loved to have Tessa as her number 2. Gail and Rayne were great together as a heel group, I have no doubt they would of done well together as a group. Still even with a finish another good build towards their Match at Rebellion.

Grace/Cage vs Impact/Taya. The crooked ref finish now explains Kross’ disputed win over Cage from a few weeks back. The match was good and fun and added well to the build to the two PPV title matches.
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