Weird habits

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nouvelle Vague, Feb 20, 2015.

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  1. Does any one have any weird/odd habits they do or used to?

    I used to put salt on bread without butter and eat it when I was a child for a good few years.
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  2. But why?
    I used to have sugar on bread. Tis a British thing.
  3. I used to do the same when I was too lazy to make some toast/a sandwich.
  4. I refuse to eat meat while it's still attached to the bone and if I see you removing it from the bone I also will not eat it. I have to not see the bone at all in order to eat the meat.

    No idea where it originated, I have not been that way all my life. It started around 16 years of age or so.
  5. I was about 7 or 8, do not know why maybe just experimenting, or it could be like Shadow said and was too lazy, A fellow pupil at school said he done that as well.

    Why would you put sugar on bread? Is this with butter or without ? Also what I did is defo not a Brit thing.
  6. Okey doke.
  7. I used to jump off my couch and legitimately land on the hard wood floor because I was preparing to "Become a Wrestler". Those were the days :booker2:
  8. So you mean yesterday?
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  9. 2 funny
  10. I don't really know how weird it is but I have to have a piece of fruit late at night before going to bed.
  11. No matter what, after I lie in bed for at least 5 minutes before going to sleep, I have to get up to go pee. it doesn't matter if I went before bed, or if I don't have to go or if I haven't had anything to drink all night, if I don't get up and at least walk into the bathroom I will not fall asleep.

    Oh and I have to have a cough drop in my mouth when I take a shower,
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  12. My bed is really comfortable, but I prefer the floor out of anything. Parents sometimes think I O'D, but just sleeping. (jk jk)
    I'm pretty sure everyone did this, but mixing sodas together. Guess preparing for future drinks.

    I dunno, can't think of anything specifically currently.

    Oh yeah, if I'm going to have a mid-day nap, I'll keep my TV on.
  13. I couldn't sleep in complete darkness, or with no sound for a large portion of my life. I'd always have a lamp on and my TV going in order to sleep. Now it has to be the complete opposite in order to go to sleep. Sleeping itself is also weird for me, I can't just lay down and fall asleep. I always look up at the ceiling for about 20-30 minutes, and I constantly roll on my sides even though I know that I sleep on my back. Also, I don't dream. Either that or I just can't remember them. I have never had a dream, or a nightmare that I could ever remember.

    I have to have a drink of some kind by me all hours of the day, it's not like I necessarily need it but if I don't have one it makes me feel like I'm growing very dehydrated.

    I don't eat the ends of fries, I'll get right to the end and just stop. That's only fries that come out from a bag though, I'm ok with the rest.
  14. I still do this. When I eat a meal that has several types of foods on the plate I have to eat one at a time. I just can't eat a little of one thing and move onto the next food.
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  15. When nervous, i tend to tap my right index finger on the knuckle of my left index finger in a rapid motion. I have no idea why i start doing it, or why it calms me.
  16. I tend to stamp my feet when sitting.

    Should have learnt to play the drums.
  17. I used to play air guitar... Oh wait, I still do... :zayn:
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  18. When I take a shower I turn onto hot water and sit down for about five minutes.

    I never really match my socks. They'll be the same color and style sometimes, but different brands.

    I usually start to tap random objects in a format of a beat when I'm bored or by myself.
  19. I've never put sugar or salt on bread, that sounds absolutely disgusting.

    Bread covered in tomato ketchup then folded, just a ketchup sandwich. Nom.
  20. This may be weird.. but personally I know a few others that do it.. but chewing on aluminum pop can tabs? that's something I have been known to do often.. also taking off twist off /pop off caps with my teeth on bottles.. idk why I do it it's just my first thing I go to other than a bottle opener.
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