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  1. What are some weird things you do that no one else you know (personally) does?

    -I make myself cold before i go to bed.
    -I use honey with potato chips/fries.
    -I paint my nails and get bored with it the next day and take it off.
  2. I don't think the first one is weird. I do that all the time.
  3. I eat chicken using spoon and fork, but I eat pizza with my hands. O.O
  4. I finger my butt hole with lube constantly. :eww2:
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  5. I come here and post in this weird threads.

    I'll keep thinking and if I find more things I'll post them here.
  6. Tuna curries is one of my strange ones.
  7. Ancient rituals just to see if they work. They don't. :cry:

    Or maybe I need stronger drugs :hmm: :wtf:
  8. Watch Wrestling :tough1:
  9. Smell my hair.
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