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  1. While I was sitting getting my series of steroid shots,my mind kind of wandered and this crazy question filled my head:

    If we were back in prehistoric days,like days of the cavemen and all-but we had wrestling and we had all these guys like: Punk,Show,and all-I wonder what those matches set up would look like and how much different would they be than the days of now that we have?

  2. You sure that was steroids and not some type of narcotic
  3. I'm sure. When I get shots-because of the fact that I don't like needles-I'll try to always think about something else and most especially when feeling the sting from the long needles. Doesn't feel none too good.

    Also,sometimes, I like to challenge my brain a little-like look for the most weird question or the ultimate brain teaser question that you wouldn't normally find yourself asking-like for instance:

    Would you ever go to school in your birthday suit? would you streak yourself at a football game for a million dollars?
    I like to have my brain challenged and picked and the question I found myself asking was that one because it's never been a question that I or anyone else would normally think to ask, or even ever wonder about.

    Besides,thinking about something else helps you to forget pain-whether it be physical or otherwise.:yay:
  4. LOL i think you were high when you thought of this :yay:
  5. :tough:

    Actually vince no I wasn't, I was stone cold sober-I even had my wallet in my mouth to bite on hard to keep from screaming with the feel of the needles-I don't deal with physical pain well at all. So when I'm experiencing pain-even from the pinch or the sting of a needle-I have to try to think about something else,which is exactly what I do.
    When they're taking blood from me-I don't even watch them do it- I turn my head and try not to think about the fact that I'm being poked with a needle,I don't even like the site of a little bit of blood-I get queazy.
    Thinking about other things and picking and challenging my brain is how I have always learned how to deal with physical pain-even when I was a kid experiencing the worst kind of physical pain no kid should ever have to experience.

  6. stone cold is always drinking beer so you must have been drunk then.
  7. :lol1:
  8. :facepalm:My god forget I asked! I had not taken anything and I don't drink-I haven't in 13 years. It was just something I had never thought about or ever found myself asking as a challenge to my brain-like a brainteaser and to get myself to quit thinking about the needles going into me and the sting and the pinch.

    I just wanted to see what you guys thought what prehistoric wrestling matches might look like!GEEZ!
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