Weirdest Gimmicks WWE/F

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. What are some of the weirdest gimmicks of WWE/F history?

    Gobbledy Gooker is getting my vote. :pity:

  2. Big Viscera as the love machine seducing Trish was a strange one.
  3. CM Punk.

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    In all honesty, The Goon.
  4. Oliver John is a weird gimmick. And Papa Shango was a pretty weird one as well.
  5. Repo Man is also quite weird.
  6. Duke 'the dumpster' drosey
  7. What about Dr. Isaac Yankem :dawg:
  8. While odd I wouldn't say it was one of the weirdest ones.
    It was strange but I honestly think Brodus Clay's is more creepy.. :eww:
    Its like Goldust and Godfather combined!
  9. I always thought Doink was a weird character.
  10. I understand you hate the child molester.
    Anyways, Spirit Squad then.
  11. Boogie man, Papa Shango, Undertaker, Paul Bearer
  12. Hornswaggles monkey ass. Nuff said
  13. Bastion booger!

    "Now who smells!"
  14. How could you hate the white man, Deth?
  15. I love Kerwin.
  16. That one was great IMO, made me crack up. It was a lot better than some of the storylines for divas today.

    Sean O'Heir was a weird gimmick. I'm not sure if anyone remembered it, but he made people do things with psychology or something like that. I think he made Brian Kendrick streak and Dawn Marie flash the crowd.

    Another one was Heidenrich when he ass raped Cole.
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