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  1. Where have you been!? :TOUGH:
  2. He told me he has been in hibernation watching all of George Carlin's stand up specials from throughout the years.
  3. No doubt in my mind choosing Brit for biggest asskisser award was a good decision
  4. I always knew you had a thing for me
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  5. I voted you for dick muncher. :pipebomb:
    Welcome back Kane you bitch.
  6. How does this make me an ass kisser? When I first joined Kane, Punk and deth made it fun for me and they are why I stayed. I am considered an ass kisser for liking people on this forum? Thats news to me!
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  7. Best post I've ever seen you make.
  8. LMAO :lol1:

    Where have you been!? Last time we seen you on was during the hurricane!
  9. Not an award. :pity1:
  10. True words here :true:
  11. You shouldn't try so hard to get people to like you, I bet if you acted like yourself they still would.

  12. That right there made me laugh! :dawg:
  13. Kane, yousonavabitch.
  14. It's really just a title you hold.
  15. The hurricane swept me off to Zimbabwe. I had to start a whole new life here and its been a bitch getting internet
  16. Because you would know I am not acting like myself? Right?

  17. I knew you were online so my douche mode was activated
  18. Come on, Brit, come on. I can smell the ass on your lips right now.
  19. Farooq ass kissing the ass kisser. This is like 3rd degree ass kissing right here
  20. :dawg: I was just talking about you the other day. WELCOME BACK DANIELSON AND KANE UNITE
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