Welcome EvilBlackCat

Hi guys,

As you've been taking a stroll around our community today, you may have noticed an individual with a different username color. In fact, we made her blue, or whatever you choose to call that particular hex color # that we have attached to the Commissioner/Moderator position. I'd like to formally introduce @EvilBlackCat as the newest addition to our staff team. As a Commissioner alongside Jonny and CM Punk, she will help fulfill some of the duties that we aren't always able to get to. That includes mundane tasks like creating our live discussions and our rating topics. Hopefully this new addition to our staff team will also assist us in getting our live chats back rolling again. Where you at, @Jeffry Fucking Mason?

In other news, Taylor Swift has recently re-released Love Story:

Taylor's version ftw.

Anyways, welcome EvilBlackCat. I look forward to working with you. Congrats, and good luck working for our supreme ruler, Jacob.

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