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Ladies and gentlemen, Jonny Nostradamus Jonny Nostradamus , Jeffry Fucking Mason Jeffry Fucking Mason , and Beavie Beavie , would like to welcome you to the return of E-Feds on WWEForums, with a new outlook.

This is Liberty or Death Wrestling!

Compared to other e-feds on here before, which often have a far more competitive format and only happen monthly, LDW will give its roster members the liberty to focus more on crafting stories, working along-side fellow roster members, and generally having a fun time regardless of the match result with your own character.

The Basic Rundown:

Much like wrestling itself, this will be generally scripted/predetermined results. No need to worry about having to write promos specifically for winning matches or going “try hard,” (or being pissed at Beavie for writing a 10000 word promo) you instead will write promos and post in our social media section as a way to make/advance storylines and to showcase/develop your character. Creating our own fun stories is the number one concern. But you may ask “How do we win and lose matches?”

Well, in a way, you will decide. When booked in matches and working with storylines, it is up to you and the people you are involved with to determine match results and finishes. You try to make everything flow as best as possible, and you try to have the right finishes to further the storylines or to give people momentum. Then, together, or one, or creative if needed, will write a match summary, explaining what happened in the match story-wise, maybe memorable spots, and most importantly how the match ends! It does not need to be a “complete match” and could be just a paragraph or two and it will be fine. We will have a specific format for doing it which will be posted. There still can be issues, right? Well, they can be fixed.

That is why we as creative are able to help in those scenarios. We can have the final say if people can’t agree on who should win, and change match summaries up if needed. Generally, we will not change who wins a match if you decide on a winner beforehand, and if we do, we’ll try to explain why so we can all be on the same page. We may edit match summaries if there are issues such as too many similar finishes on the same card, fix grammar and writing errors/flow, maybe pepper something in to improve it, or another reason we can’t think of right now but has to be reasonable.

As for when it comes to titles, whether or not someone wins a title will come down to a combination of the storyline and an individual’s overall body of work. If you are fairly consistent in making quality promos/segments on and off shows or active on social media, and have contributed to good storylines, and are a good noodle, then you’d likely have a better shot at being in a title match because you are reliable. Will we guarantee it for everyone? No. But even then, sometimes you may be doing well but because of storylines you just aren’t involved in the title scene for a stretch of time, or you can be like Jake the Snake Roberts in WWE and never win a title but be an all-time great?! Who knows?

Now, with all that said, you may wonder about the schedule for this? Well, it will work with each show occurring every second week, meaning the fed is bi-weekly. One week we post the card for a show, and the next week, once we know who wins and loses, the match summaries and any segments for it are made, then we will post the shows.

It will also work on a cycle of 3 shows being our “TV show” called "PrimeTime" and then every fourth show will be a PPV/special event. That way we have 6 PPVs per each year and shows relatively often.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below and we will answer to the best of our abilities. Also, feel free to look at these threads once I have them done!
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