Welcome to who is who? WWEF to WWE, heel style.

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  1. Alright the deal, pick any two members (no reuse, so actually read this thread before, because once your name/choice is picked, it doesn't count and will be deleted by someone who thinks this is funny.

    You are allowed two members, and hate/love as much as you want to make everything more enjoyable. Preferably, leave yourself open, as it will be much more entertaining/funny. Go back as far as you want, WWE only.

    I'll Start. Xanth is Vince Russo, and RandySavage is clearly CMpunk. Now that the easy ones are out of the way......

  2. Aids is Dolph Ziggler - Sarcasticly awesome, heel when he wants to be but a face to the smarks.

    Rainman - Daniel Bryan, pretty under appreciated until recently, always guaranteed to give a great match / post.
  3. I am me
  4. contribute vince. Read, let it sink in, and contribute. Edit your post to say you are AJ and Kane is kane, but you really hooked up or something everyone can believe.


    Also so pumped i beat Dolphs to his namesake. He will end up as Taker or SCSA.
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  5. Seabs - Jericho. Can play both nice and mean and does both entertaining.

    Xanth - Bret Hart, workhorse who you realize how much good he did once he disappears.
  6. Dolph's is HHH: burys new users. :emoji_slight_smile:
    Vince is R-Truth: lovable buffoon. :emoji_wink:
    Oh s*** didn't realise it had to be heels, sorry.
  7. :haha::win:
  8. Really liking this forum, still no santino's or sheamus yet.
  9. Ariana Grande is Santino Marella - Funny and harmless humor and brings color to the forums.
    @[Stopspot] is JR - Can ahave discussion, liked on forums I'll stop there
  10. Are you insinuating that I have Bells Palsy and a love for BBQ and BBQ condiments? :jericho:

    Well your right on the BBQ part.
  11. ^ :yes:
  12. You just said you thought I had a serious facial sickness. Thanks a lot douche :bury:
  13. Big Hoss Rambler - Jerry Lawler probably :downer:

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  14. I am Tyson kIdd.... unappreciated but awesome
  15. Leo C is simply solid, you can always throw him into a thread and get something good. He's Christian.

    And as we said on the last thread, Crayo, the friendly british authority figure who'd rather troll the malcontents as opposed to simply banning them, has to be William Regal.
  16. I knew this thread would fail, just didn't think it would happen on the first page.
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  17. Crayo-Hulk Hogan

    [God]-Charlie Haas
  18. Lmfao :yay:
  19. what would charlie haas even mean lol
  20. When Charlie Haas did that gimmick where he imitated people and changed his name a bunch of times
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