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  1. *Ryan Blake is in the ring as we cut back from commercial break. He begins to speak*

    Ryan Blake: Money In The Bank is just two weeks away and we all want to see that Money In The Bank ladder match! Today I decided to select the superstars that will take part in this match. These superstars will do anything to win this match and have their very own chance at glory. They will put their bodies through Hell to just have that chance at becoming World champion. So who are these men? Let's start with my first pick......Will Neilson. This kid loves our business and I have huge respect for what he did in the UK. He has had a few chances at Gold but never got there....But can he win the big one? He wants it but is he skilled enough? That's why I picked him. He isn't the best and he isn't the worse but can he do it? That's what I want to see and I have a feeling he won't let us down in that match. My next pick was Will Neilson's tag team partner. I picked this guy because he doesn't care about being small....He takes on the biggest guys and gives them the fight of their lives. Can this little man win the biggest glory? That's why I picked him...And I want to see what Will Neilson and Rhys haze do to each other in that match....Only one man can win. My next pick is a unknown and his name is Rhys Cali. I don't know much about this man other than the fact is has took a long ass time to get him here. I'm interested to see how he does here. The next man is someone I signed last week....Some may know him and some may not. I might as well let him do the rest.

    *Ryan Blake waits in the ring awaiting the arrival of this person*

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  2. *Suddenly, some very familiar music hits – and the arena explodes*

    *Jack Rogue sprints onto the stage, where he stands still with his arms out by his sides, taking in the raucous cheering his return has caused. He is wearing his thigh-high, tightly strapped, black and red wrestling boots, and a similarly coloured T-Shirt with “ROGUE” written across its chest. After standing still for a moment, he springs into life, sprinting to the sides of the stage in turn and hyping the crowd, who respond audibly. Jack returns to the centre of the stage, and pauses to speak into the camera*


    *As he has before, Rogue begins to jog to the ring in long, bounding strides, before sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. He rises up to one knee, then to his feet, as he looks around him at the thousands of people that have filled the arena. He turns to shake hands with Ryan Blake, the general manager, and take the microphone from his hand. Jack walks back in the direction he came to sit on the middle rope, allowing Blake to exit the ring*

    *While the GM walks up the ramp, applauding the new arrival, Rogue climbs to the second turnbuckle and continues to hype up the crowd. His music slowly fades out to leave only the noise of the cheering, incoherently chanting fans. Jack stands still for a moment, once again taking in the energy of his audience, before beginning to speak*

    Jack: Ladies and gentlemen of Jacksonville, Florida – I’M BACK!

    *This sets the crowd off once more, who begin to chant again*

    Crowd: Wel-come back! Wel-come back! Wel-come back!

    *Rogue lowers the microphone with a huge grin on his face. The chant begins to fade, and he continues*

    Jack: By the sounds of it, many of you know exactly who I am – but for those who were never very into Sony Storm, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jack Rogue, and I was one of the most beloved, most consistently entertaining… and possibly least successful superstars in TWF. *The crowd quietly boos* No, it’s true. I had a record of two wins and thirteen defeats throughout my career. But I believe that my move to Precision may well be the catalyst that changes that lack of wins – for good. Now, just following the end of TWF, I suffered an injury.

    *Jack holds his left wrist in front of him, and the cameraman moves in front of him to focus on it. It is tightly taped up from the mid-forearm to the palm*

    : I had an accident and, long story short, my wrist buckled forwards, and I suffered a fractured radius. I’ve dealt with much, much worse over the course of my career, and luckily, I didn’t need surgery. I only had to wear a cast for a few weeks. My little sabbatical has helped my reset, recharge, and refocus, and I have a new drive to excel in the ring, to entertain, and to win. But it’s very possible that there have never been a worse few weeks for me to miss – Precision has burst onto the forefront of professional wrestling, and I’ve been unable to be a part of that. However… that changes tonight – when I make my Precision debut!

    *The audience cheers loudly once more at the prospect of the fan favourite being in action that very night*

    Jack: And not only that, but in three weeks’ time, at Precision’s Money In The Bank, I have been given the opportunity to have a real impact – I have the chance to earn a guaranteed Undisputed Championship match, in the Money In The Bank ladder match. The last time I was involved in a match like this one was not too long ago, and that was something special. As has been a theme throughout my career, I came up short in an unbelievable contest. It was truly a showcase of lunacy, desire and creative destruction from myself and three other men who wanted that opportunity as badly as I did. And now, I have been given that same chance again. This time, though, I am driven not to come up short. Because while a lot has changed in the time I've been gone, some very fundamental things have not. Still, the company where I am competing is plagued by people who think themselves to be more important than the legacies of past competitors, the business itself and all... *Jack points at the people all around him, then into the lens of the camera* ...of you. I consider it my job, for all of your sakes, to do all I can to change that.

    *The crowd applaud and cheer Rogue’s sentiment*

    Jack: So allow me to make this very clear – I’m going to win at Money In The Bank. I never like to make promises that I cannot keep, but this is one that I really believe I can. And before all of that, I have a match tonight, and I will build myself the best road to the pay-per-view that I possibly can, by doing everything I can to entertain Jacksonville tonight, and looking to start my career in Precision as I mean to continue it – with a victory. So, to whoever my opponent tonight is: step up. Bring your A game. And I will kick your head…

    *Jack begins to walk excitedly around the ring as the crowd’s energy builds, before stopping in the middle of the ring and screaming into the mic*


    *Rogue throws the microphone onto the canvas as his music resumes. He climbs back up onto the turnbuckle to play to the crowd as the screen fades to black*

    -End of segment-
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