Well Done TNA

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  1. Well Done TNA! After months of getting it wrong you are finally using the TV PPVs correctly, in the past they have been more one pay per view main event and some throw together feuds with 1 week build but this time for Genesis everything has been built for a while, more build than most of BFG tbh. Could TNA do this in the future? Will TNA do this in the future? Could this weeks episode be put into one instead of 2? Thoughts on the Genesis build?
  2. Idk as it stands it looks like Genesis will be a two week event..
    You're right though TNA hasn't built like this for a long timeee
  3. They indeed did a good job buliding-up Genesis, one of better jobs when it comes to hyping free specials.

    And yeah, for those still unaware, Genesis will have Night 1 this Thursday, and Night 2 next Thursday.
  4. UK's like a week behind, I think and I haven't seen the most recent episode on Challenge but from what I've seen online, it's strange that we've seen one good builds but honestly the tag team championship is a joke, the X-Division championship could benefit from proper X-Division matches (not the usual Sabin DQ bullcrap I've kept seeing) with someone like Manik, Aries, King being champion. I'm surprised that Joe has no real direction, because I'd think a feud with Magnus would make sense.

    I've enjoyed the Angle-Roode build and EC3-Sting has been decent. Gunner and Storm have actually gotten some good writing and air time, too bad I don't really care for their matches. Anderson and Bully has been good so far, Bully's character change has been entertaining to say the least. Decent from TNA, but I expect for them to be really putting it into overdrive to get some of the direction-less guys in a real storyline.
  5. over half of BFG had builds, the AJ styles match was a year and a half in, bully with aces and 8s was a year and a half, and others had build it was the execution of the ppv that sucked. We will see Thursday how well this PPV goes, but i do agree with some of your post, it looks great and well put together
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