Well guys, this is bullshit. Danny's gone. Punk's gone. Dolph's gone. Niggaswag's gone.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Dec 15, 2013.

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  1. @Jonathan

    ur all acting like fuckin little girls grow the fuck up and get over it i'm pretty sure @CrayoSucksBritishDick didn't create this forum so u all could argue like a bunch of fucking booger licking chimps i swear to god just make up, make out, and enjoy youself because this is the real reason the forum was created so u could enjoy yourself not get upset and fuck all upset and emotional over stupid stuff that shouldn't be happening. personal connections are inevitable especially on such a tight knit forum but we shouldn't let it get out of hands

    its almost as shameful as my poor spelling and lack of grammar in this post buts that ok but arguing over this shit is not especially when it costs us some of our best and most dedicated members. what will new people think when they come upon this forum and the first page of the locker room is you fucktards arguing all the time. its not sending a good message to potential new members and certainly WWEF is not a place that is like this. sure we have stupid retards like Dolph's who are super witty and funny (sike, get ur own ego boost) but everyone here is genuinely a nice person under their internet personas and gimmicks.

    so lets all just hug it out and be nice to eachother apologize and have a good time no matter if you still like the product or not this is a good community and everyone has something to offer so yeah lets be friends

    sunderland sucks

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  2. Make sure to pick up some milk on the way back home. Love you dear, have a good day at work. xoxoxoxoxo
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  3. if you're going to create a mock thread at least make it funny. like dolph'sziggler's
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  4. i dont leave the house
  5. its not even a mock thread you fucking retard
  6. inb4 0 fucks on your shit thread.
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  7. Yeah Jonafern fuck u.
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  8. Then who's that guy who sleeps with me :notsure:
  9. ur husband
  10. :ksi:
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  11. So that's why the old Nickelodeon theme played when you were finished!! :angry:
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Be an innovator not a follower :pity2:
  14. Every group of lemmings has a leader. Moral of the story innovators are retards too.
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  15. This is also very true.
  16. wonderful thread mate
  17. sik wub m8
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