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  1. *Antonio and Izobella are having an argument about what is happening with the kids when Antonio goes to the event in a few hours or so
    Izobella: What in earth do you think you're doing going to some wrestling event that you haven even signed for yet!! I thought you were going to be staying on the indies because it was closer to home!

    Antonio: Babe calm down, we are moving to Miami, we're all going I need this job, wrestling is my life after my family, besides the fact we're just scrapping past paying the bills with me working on the indies
    Yeah I know but you could have told me! The kids have school and friends here. What's gonna happen if they don't wanna follow you and your wrestling everywhere? You're on the road nearly every day and only have a few hours with them.
    It will be fine, We have to leave now to get to the venue on time, tell the kids we are now leaving
    After about 2 hours of driving Antonio and his family finally gets to the event and goes to the VIP entrance, some big fans are waiting outside the event behind the security railings some knowing Antonio from the indies and some are not aware of him. He goes to walk into the building but security but a quick stop and ask him and his family to show they have passes. They all show them and go in.
    Just go sit down I'll be back in a bit, I have just got to sort some stuff out back here, I'll be as quick as I can
    Okay, were are we sitting, oh wait yeah I remember, be quick you don't wanna miss anything good. We're in the front row remember
    Yeah I'll see you in a bit
    *A camera follows Antonio to a dark room were there is only a chair lamp and a desk Antonio sits in the dark room and turns the small lamp on that is on the desk. Also he grabs some paper out of his blazer and puts it on the desk. A camera pans over to Antonio and an interviewer runs in to ask him what he is doing*
    Tom: Excuse me sir, Excuse me
    Antonio: What do you want Tom can't you see I'm busy
    Well I was just wondering what you were doing, why are you here and what is that?
    You want to barch in here and ask me what I'm doing, in my personal room. Are you some kind of idiot? So Tom you want to know what this is. Well I'll explain what this is. This is a contract Tom. It is a contract to get me were a need to be, and Tom if you are wondering where I need to be, well that's right here in WWEF. This contract Tom signs me to a certain Saturday Night show
    So Sir you haven't officially signed here yet?
    Well Tom, No but seens as I like you so much, have you got a pen?

    Tom hands Stark a pen and looks at him, Stark looks back at Tom and looks back at the paper. He takes the lid off the pen and it is a fountain pen. He puts pen to paper and signs the dotted line
    There you go Tom, now you get to interview me more often, now be a good boy get out and take this to the GM or whoever this needs to go to.
    But sir that's not my job.
    And my job isn't to listen to you keep rambling at me so go and take this. GET OUT ALL OF YOU

    *The camera follows Antonio as he goes back to sit down with his family. He checks his phone and his twitter has exploded with tweets saying things such as 'why are you at the event' 'what's the situation between the two parties' Then he sees that a new site had broke the news he was there he didn't care and just got on with what he was doing, which was basically enjoying the show and meeting fans, and quite frankly being a fan, the camera fades out and back to the show*
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