well i need your help.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nexus, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. i need your help. i was not able to see wwe shows coz lungs surgery. i need news of last 3 weeks. just titles.
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  2. YOU NEED MY HELP?! :troll:
  3. Daniel Bryan made an impromptu challenge against Randy Orton on Smackdown and won the WWE Title again. He and Cena (who is still WHC) are squaring off in a rematch at TLC to unify the titles.

    Chris Jericho returned and won the Intercontinental Championship for an historical 10th time by defeating Curtis Axel.

    Santino got a huge upset victory over Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship but then lost it back the very next week (last Monday.)

    The Rhodes are still the Tag Team Champs and AJ is still the Diva's Champion.
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  4. thanks man for information. i missed too many things.....
  5. There goes my vote for you for MOTY. :pity:
  6. :downer:
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  7. alright i lied
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