Spoiler Well played, WWE. (Bryan)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Mar 11, 2014.

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  1. We all (well, most of us) expected Daniel Bryan to win the Rumble. We knew in the back of our minds who would really win in really boring fashion, but we still had hope WWE's most beloved babyface would crawl out at #30 and save us from Batista and the WWE's corporate mentality.

    Then there was the Chamber, which, while we didn't expect Daniel Bryan to win, seeing Batista vs Orton essentially set in stone didn't really sit well in our stomach. It looks like after this entire chase, Daniel Bryan was stuck in the match with Triple H and left out of the main event, which wouldn't have been that bad of a thing had the ME not sucked hard.

    So there was still hope among the Bryan fans and the fan community... maybe beating Triple H would give Bryan an "in" to the main event, they say... maybe WM can still end with 80,000 people chanting "YES!" they say... but I've heard enough. We've all had hope for them putting Bryan in the ME, and it just caused us to feel let down by the last 2 PPV's. No reason to expect it this time, right? When was the last time WWE followed through on a storyline? And hey... facing Triple H is still a good spot for the guy, right? So guess it's time for the marks to shush and for reality to set in...

    ...OR MAYBE NOT! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: TAKE THAT "REALITY" AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!

    Well played, WWE! You truly are the puppet master controlling the minds of us marks, just like you did in Chicago.
  2. After seeing how the booking has unfolded, I now think HHH is going to whoop DB's ass at Mania. They are going to build DB up like crazy to up buys, and sell it like it will be a triple threat, but HHH is going to bury his ass

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  3. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    That is all.
  4. How would that benefit the product though? Hunter ain't a full time performer so he doesn't benefit from going over top talent.

    As an authority figure he should be looking to get heat through other means.
  5. I was skeptical at first because a huge part of me would have rather they put all their focus into Bryan's match and feud with HHH as opposed to treating it like it's just a mere stepping stone to another match later in the same night (even one that has the WWE Championship on the line), but meh. This is the best possible booking they could give Bryan, having him defeat Triple H and win the WWE Championship both on the same night. Hunter doesn't see Bryan as a A-player and feels that a Wrestlemania main event is the last thing he deserves, yet Bryan not only triumphs over him in a match, but then in the same night goes on to defeat the two guys that HHH DOES see as A-players (Orton and Batista), both of who HHH helped mold into big stars all those years ago during his time with them in Evolution. There's no bigger victory for Bryan to obtain over Triple H in any capacity than that. If the ending mirrored that of WMX where several superstars filled the ring and celebrated Bryan's title win while HHH watched on in disgust and disdain from the entrance way at what he was seeing (similar to how Owen did with Bret), it would be perfect.

    Another thing I love about it is how this landmark, anniversary of Wrestlemania will share similarities to both of the former anniversary events - Bryan will end the show on top as WWE Champion after having wrestled two matches in one night just as Bret Hart did at WMX (although Bret lost his first match, but that's another story) and Bryan will win the title by going over two veterans (just as Chris Benoit did against HHH and HBK at WMXX.)
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  6. I must say I didn't see this coming, but im sure glad they did it. I didn't see it coming because I didn't expect WWE to push DB in this fashion. I expected him to win the WWE World Title soon. However, I didn't expect that he would beat Triple H and in the same night go on to beat Orton and Batista. Since the Animal became a heel, I know they'd have to throw a third guy into the mix, obviously a face, but I didn't expect it to be DB.

    What's funny about this whole situation is that it wasn't supposed to happen. Bootista was supposed to go over well with the fans, fight Orton one on one, and DB was set to fight Sheamus while Punk battled Triple H. I'm happy that WWE made the right decision and they're doing it in an entertaining, different fashion. Mania 30 is looking so much better now. DB is a spot where he must win now. Makes the match that much bigger.
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  7. You're talking to Dolph's Ziggler....he's not about benefit, he's about posting anything and everything to do with hating Punk and Bryan :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Wonder if this kept getting put off because of the Chicago RAW? Maybe this spot was designed for Punk as well?
  9. possibly....I don't think they had this all planned from the beginning though. If so, punk wouldn't have left like he did. this seemed like a last minute thing.
  10. Yeah, there's been reports for awhile of WWE wanting to rectify the WWE Championship match by adding Bryan in as a third man so that it wouldn't be completely shit on by the crowd. Definitely seems they pulled an audible with this one.
  11. For a while....as in like the past month? I can see that. But having the spot set for Punk? I don't think that was going to happen.
  12. Figured plan A was Punk vs Triple, Bryan vs Sheamus, Batista vs Orton...
    Plan B (post-walkout) was Punk vs Batista vs Orton and Bryan vs Triple, to keep Phil Brooks happy
    so now Plan C (with still no Punk) is Bryan vs Triple AND Bryan vs Batista vs Orton.

    Us Bryan fans oughta be so happy that Punk left (even though I'm still not :tough:) so Bryan is getting this spot.

    Still, I'll just pretend that something like this was the plan ever since the Royal Rumble blew up in their faces, and holy cow did they execute this perfectly. Just stringing us along, making us want it more and more, and then after it really seems like it doesn't happen... BAM. Also amazing how they teased to the internet that Hogan would make this big huge announcement (psh) and then this wound up happening. :yay:
  13. spoiler your thread, dickbag.
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  14. It says "Spoiler" at the top, dillweed. And the title gave away no spoilers.
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  15. i didnt even read before i came in here to hate - the spoiler was added now, mr 6666.
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  16. Would put a smile on my face.
  17. I wanted Bryan in the title match but god this seems a ridiculous way to do it.
  18. To anyone creaming your jeans at the idea of Bryan going over Evolution all in one night, then what?

    I am sick of his ass already, I can imagine how lame his title run would be. Just hope it doesn't happen.
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  19. Oh now I'm sorry I missed RAW Live. I will watch the Hulu version tmrw probly
  20. Plan A was supposed to happen, yes.

    I wasn't aware of plan B at all

    I'm not happy punk left either. It did cause DB to get the attention he deserves so I can't complain, however. Yes, I agree with you. The way they handled this was awesome. And, well, it'll make DB look like on of the biggest stars of this generation. I love it. It's a glimpse into the future. There's no way Triple H is winning.
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