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  1. Chris Parks music hits throughout the arena with a loud reception of boos

    Chris Walks out into the ring looking annoyed and really angry

    Sooooooooo at Night of Champions I had Rhys Haze beginning for mercy at my feet, the fact that he may have got a win means nothing absolutely nothing. I had him exactly were I wanted him. I let my emotions over flow but oh well, he shouldn't even be moving after the beating I gave him. I'll give him credit tho he is.
    *Chris is moving around the ring tense and looking rather annoyed*

    Rhys get out here now we need a chat young man
    Rhys Haze music hits and interupts Chris
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  2. Rhys quickly walks out as the crowd cheer for his return after his contriversal first victory at Night of Champions
    Rhys: Ow... my back hurts so much! How will I ever make it to the ring? *Rhys says this sarcastically while holding his back in fake pain* Guess I will just have to talk to you from here Chris incase you release your rage again and smash me with a bat. I haven't forgot what you did at Night of Champions. *Rhys begins to look upset then pauses for a minute* I won my first match for precision!! Yaay!!! Lets all party!! *Will walks out to stand by Rhys as the crowd begin to clap to their own beat to celebrate Rhys' win* If you want to do something like that again, me and Will are ready. *Will hands Rhys a kendo stick while he has one of his own* What you gonna do now?
  3. Oh you think you can take me??*Chris looks over his shoulder as Antonio rolls into the ring with two bats*
    So Rhys, how about me and you have another match to end this little thing we've got going on here because to be honest I've got more important things to focus on like ya know championships. By the looks of things you can't get wins unless they're handed to you so what do you say kiddo do you want one last match so I you can step in the ring with doomsday?
    *The crowd start to boo intensely at the disrespect given by Chris*
    Do you all really think I care about what you guys think of me because I really don't. I'm here to win titles and Rhys is just a little road block for me but don't worry about him he'll be done soon enough.
    *Chris rolls out of the ring with Antonio looking very proud of himself*
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    *Chris and Antonio are looking quite full of themselves, suddenly both Will Neilson and Rhys Haze fly over the top rope, crushing both Antonio and Chris. They throw Chris back in the ring and he is slowly getting up and then Will Neilson and Rhys Haze hit their finishing move, The New Age (Flapjack Cutter Combo, pretty much the 3-D.) Antonio rolls into the ring with his bat and hits Rhys on the back, Will realises what has happened and puts Antonio in a Sleeper Hold, Antonio is tapping frantically as security and referees run down to the ring to try and break things up, it is very clear Antonio has passed out and Neilson lets go of the hold and helps Rhys back up to his feet, Will grabs a microphone and walks near Antonio but security doesn't allow him any further than a few feet away.*

    Will: You don't mess with us, we mess with you. In terms of next week, my boy Rhys over here will face Chris Parks once again, and he will whoop your ass, once again. Also, Tony..... your ass is mine.

    *Will and Rhys walk out of the ring and their tag team music hits to end the segment.*

    OOC: Me and Rhys are now called The Last Heroes, our tag theme can be found underneath.

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