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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Nov 15, 2013.

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  1. Cloud
    Crusaders AWAYYYYY

    I think it's a good idea. I don't think it was made just for Randy Orton though, I think it could benefit all superstars.
  2. I agree I did enjoy all the Orton hate in the comments section though as I think he's a douche
  3. I don't like Orton as well :haha: he's a good wrestler no doubt, but he's just so damn boring on the mic. I never really enjoyed him outside of his legend killer and part of Legacy.
  4. Before he turned heel I was coming round to him as in ring he was great and really pumped up the crowds but with his turn he's gone so meh again.
  5. Pretty much agree. He didn't do anything for me as a face, even with his current turn it just feels so meh. The Miz beat up was fun to watch, and he does look strong at times, but he still is just so dull on the mic right now. I really can't enjoy listening to any of his promos, but his matches are doing good.
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  6. Can you sum up the changes Cloud? It seems like a long read.
  7. The main one is they can enter a rehab scheme which lasts a set amount of time but if completed results in the removal of a strike.
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  8. Thanks man. It sounds alright, I suppose it could work for a guy like Orton or something (who has like two strikes and a long career ahead of him), as long as it helps people stay off this sorta stuff.
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  9. Yeah its a good thing in the long term.

    Also if certain substances are required for medical reasons with a pre approved doctors certificate if a test was then failed the strike wouldn't count due to the medical reasons. But without the certificate it would still count and they couldn't appeal it as the certificate has to be approved before the test was undertaken.
  10. So this means Randy Orton will get off all those strikes and also means RVD can get a doctors note for his weed
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