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  1. *Midway through the Precision following Fully Loaded, the titantron cuts to a video of a locker room, with whitewashed walls behind a wood-framed dressing area and storage space containing various bags and items of clothing. In front of the changing area is a plastic chair, in which Jack Rogue is sitting. His black and red wrestling boots are in stark contrast to the also pale floor and are matched by his dark hoodie. His arms are resting on his knees as he looks into the camera*

    Jack: So close. So close, and I couldn't quite get it done. I don't know how many times I've sat in places very like this one and said the same thing, and that's because I've lost count. Yet tonight... it's not because I didn't win. In my Iron Man Championship match at Precision Fully Loaded, I drew 3-3 with Andersen Vega. Since, I've heard it called a classic, I've been praised and thanked for the entertainment I provided and that will always mean a lot to me. But that match was the closest I've ever come to real, tangible success in Precision - or TWF, for that matter - and to not get the job done is crushing. My consolation, though, is that for all Andersen has harped on about his superiority over me, he couldn't beat me. Couldn't quite silence all of you that doubt his in-ring skill since his comeback as I do...

    *Rogue pauses for a moment to chuckle quietly to himself*

    Jack: ...as if anyone could ever silence a Precision crowd with something on its mind. So as far as I can see, the outcome of Fully Loaded didn't really suit anybody. I lost a title opportunity, and Vega was left looking like a paper champion, retaining on a technicality, irritated by the unyielding, unaffected persistence of his doubters. Yet somehow, I doubt that Andersen Vega would've voluntarily taken me on again, backed now by his newly formed faction The Monarchy, which includes Precision co-owner Buster Gates and General Manager Ryan Blake. Because he, and probably the rest of The Monarchy too, fear me. Or rather, they fear the power of all of you, the only body in Precision that rivals their influence, that I have always championed and have come to represent.

    Jack: Luckily for me, though, it turns out Fully Loaded was not the end of proceedings between Andersen and I. Thanks to the "Kings" scheme newly introduced to Precision, all champions will defend their belts every week for the next month against a randomly chosen opponent. So instead of the power over the Iron Man Champion's opponent being in the hands of his GM best buddy, that power was in the hand of fate. And luckily again, Vega's opponent tonight for the Iron Man Championship, chosen at random... is me.

    *Jack smiles to himself as he continues*

    Jack: It doesn't matter how hard you try to escape me, Andersen. You represent everything that is wrong with the business I love, you attacked me and a man crippled by a concussion for your coming home party, you abandoned the values that I have built my career on, and in doing so betrayed me, a guy you took under your veteran wing. It doesn't matter how hard I have to hunt you down, how long I have to keep knocking on the door, how many attacks at the Monarchy's hands I have to take - I will take that championship, the source of your pride, I will beat you and prove to the world that abandoning your morals doesn't pay... and I will damn sure kick your head, clean off your shoulders.

    *The look of certainty and determination on Jack's face remains as the video fades to black*

    -End of segment-
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