Were you a fan of heel R-Truth?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. I was a massive fan until they went super duper keen on the little jimmy gimmick. It was perfect when it was just describing all the kid marks.

  2. Yeah it was hilarious :dawg:
  3. It was decent as a comedy heel, but beyond that no.
  4. Not a fan of him whatsoever...so didnt care. Though was shocked he even turned heel
  5. yes. make him heel again.
  6. I thought at first he was way better than a comedy heel. He definitely has that psycho intimidating look imo.
  7. It was good for a bit.
  8. I really enjoyed his heel run, I think it was very well done. The reason why he turned heel was nice, and he portrayed the gimmick extremely well with facial expressions and such. I also found it really funny.
  9. Yeah he was great as a heel imo, but it's obvious isn't it? His face turn was a conspiracy!
  10. His face turn was complete crap in my opinion, they didn't have to do it. If they had to make an excuse for him to get some time out they could've made Cena AA him from some high place or something.
  11. He should become heel again
  12. :dafuq: Little Jimmy is brilliant, mark my words, next tag team champs will be R-Truth and Little Jimmy.
  13. With Truth as face or heel?
  14. Both, he would be a face one minute, then he'd be taken over by Jimmy and turn heel.
  15. This
  16. I don't really remember that, but OK.
  17. R-Truth will turn heel, win the US championship, then have an open challenge. Then Little Jimmy will make his way down the ramp to tell R-Truth no one is accepting. Right before Truth leaves, Little Jimmy hits him with a chair, and tells him he's the challenger. The bell rings and Little Jimmy hits Truth with his finisher, and he gets the pin then becomes the US Champion. The next few months will be a feud over the US Championship between Little Jimmy and R-Truth.
  18. r truth done all the hype and promo work for his match with cena at capitol punishment 2011
    cena cut like one 2 min promo... truth did the rest and did it well.. he carried it much like michaels carried hogan to summerslam 2005
    his work as a heel is much better.. his run with miz with the 'conspiracy' storyline was really well done... he has talent and works soo much better as a heel
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  19. why lil jimmeh turn into imaginary friend
  20. It was a nice run as heel for RTurth, but honestly, I think he is good as face or heel. As a face, he can rap his theme song though. :emoji_grin:
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