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  1. Wes Brisco's profile on the official TNA roster page has been removed, which is an indication that he has been released. Brisco was released on the same day as Jay Bradley. That makes two Gutcheck winners being released in one day. Brisco hadn't been used since October when Bully Ray piledrove him, and Bradley hadn't been seen since early September.
  2. Good, actually so glad. Now they can bring in good people.
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  3. The only memorable thing Brisco did was botch the "HAWK HOGUNNN" line, and he honestly sucked. With the money they've saved from releasing him and Bradley, get a new tag team in or maybe rebuild the X-Division by giving the right guys TV time.
  4. Clearing roster space to bring back AJ eventually? or Jay Lethal :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Only good match he had was vs. Angle at Lockdown last year. Everything else, he sucked at it. He ain't his dad or uncle.
  6. Not them, new talent.

  8. Hopefully not another fake Dixie Nephew :emoji_slight_smile:
    Even though I guess the angle is kind of working for them seeing as the match v Sting is going to be pretty solid.
  9. Never cared about Wes really. Needs to work on his mic skills a lot in my opinion.
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  10. Agreeeed, he was awful on the mic for Aces & Eights!
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