WF Championship #1- Voting Thread

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  1. seabs

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  2. CM Punk

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  3. Tombstone Piledriver

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  4. Tzesi

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  5. GAF

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  6. Sage

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  7. RKO

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  8. CM PuLs3

  9. Mike.

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  10. Lith

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  11. Jonathan

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  12. Sackfist

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  13. Texno

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  1. As promised, here it is. Created a poll, if you feel I've missed a name please reply saying "add X to the list please".

    How this works:
    -You're allowed one vote only. It can not be changed.
    -You can not vote for yourself.
    -Any evidence of "you vote for me and I vote for you" will result in disqualification.
    -After voting, you MUST reply to the thread with a reason for voting that user.

    Chairman's don't count in the vote.

    Edit: Changed the name of the thread and rules, can't vote twice. Only once I'm afraid.
  2. I've voted for Jonathan for his youtube threads they help the community alot especially those who have missed the show. Plus they're really HQ usually. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Found this really difficult. I mean Jonathan has uploaded YT clips yes, helped the community a lot with that. Tzesi has been bumping our advertisement threads and is on everyday mainly in the wrestling sections, CM Punk is incredibly active and posts a LOT too, creates good threads aswell. Oh and RKO, he hasn't been here from the start like me but he's made a lot of posts already. Stimulated lots of discussions aswell, and is a friendly/funny guy.

    But my vote has to go for seabs. If you go to his profile and click "find all threads" it's amazing what HQ threads he's given to the site. He's given a lot of information and help to other users too, he's just a wrestling enthusiast with nearly 1000 posts. Closest to Crayo's post count I think on the site. Just for his loyalty/HQ I'll vote for him.

    Clarification, voting for seabs.
  4. Any votes for myself are greatly appreciated, and my vote today goes to seabs, the most deserving member.
  5. @[CM PuLs3] You voted but didn't reply.

    Also voted for seabs. His threads are constantly HQ, as are his replies. It's a standard he's kept since day one. Also one of the first members here and has kept around.

    Close run-ins were RKO, CM Punk, Tzesi & Jonathan. Appreciate everyone's dedication.
  6. Is it possible to make the poll public so we can see who's voted for @[Crayo] ? Like a list comes up next to each members name showing who voted for them?
  7. Sure. Hang on.
  8. It's possible when making the poll, however I would advise against it because it means people could be bias to someone else just because they voted for another person in the poll.

    Nooo @[Crayo] ^^^^^^
  9. People are replying with who they voted for anyway @[Jonathan], only reason why I'm letting this happen.

    Also, Xanth faked votes to try to annoy me. Fixed, don't worry.
  10. Oh yeah, haha! My bad.
  11. :stupids:

  12. voted for @[seabs] because he knows his wrestling very well... Also because I can't vote for myself lol.
  13. Voted for seabs for our private moments.
    He was the best even though I was his first.

    Love you babe.
  14. Bumping this. Making sure everyone has voted.
  15. :love:

    I just wish to offer my appreciation for all the votes I've received also.
  16. Congratulations @[seabs], you have jus.... RKO!!!!

    Booker T: Oh my god! Did you see that!!
  17. Booker T: WUT DA HAYUL?
  18. :rofl: @[Crayo]
  19. How long will this voting be open @[Crayo] ? Also just going to bump this for anyone who hasn't voted yet.
  20. Votes seabs for no reason.