WF Spirit Squad

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Should we add a WF Spirit Squad?

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  1. I was thinking, we should make a group called "WF Spirit Squad" under the groups section. So far, we only have the Fed X Creative.

    This group is totally necessary for WF. I'm not sure on the requirements, but you would have to be very active on here. Plus, you know you want to Crayo, I'll even add a poll for you if you want the others voice on this :emoji_grin:

  2. Eventually we will be adding groups, but not yet.
  3. Ohhh Crayo, you know you want this as much as I do. It's just eating away inside as you are saying, "Man, this idea is so rad!! I don't know how Eddie comes up with these genius ideas like that".
  4. Will it be custom groups like HF? Or will you chose them?
  5. Nah, "Why does Dolph'sZiggler keep calling me?" is what's going through my mind constantly.

    Edit: Unsure yet seabs. Probably be user-made groups, if they're popular/good then I'll make them official. I done that with my older site.
  6. "I done that with my older site."

    My god, you sond like a hillbilly @[Censorious]
  7. Yeah because running forums is definitely a hillbilly stereotype.
  9. Going to buy that domain and turn it into a space forum.
  10. Lolol is that really a forum @[Seabs]?
  11. Nope, lets do it.
  12. I call I'm the leader. :gusta:
  13. Groups could be soon.
  14. Co-leader, maybe :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: (My idea)
  15. I'll be the groups jobber.
  17. Then Crayo ruins the fun.
  18. Don't let me in thread gets closed #SoMuchPower
  19. @[Seabs] #Fail
  20. Forgot you could reopen threads and since this will end up as LQ fest since you're here it's now in the Locker room. PS Have you found your neck yet Brock?
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