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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by The Crator, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. This is where all the backstage discussion for WFF goes on, roster will be posted soon!
  2. *Devin walks around, thinking to himself*
  3. *Shane is watching TV*
    Shane: Brazilian Butt Lift? I didn't order this shit.
  4. *Swagger and Colter appear on the titantron, they are outside the statue of liberty*

    Zeb Colter: Fellow Americans, Jack and I are here in the so called Lady Of Liberty and an American icon but Jack and I dont agree with that statement. You see at Wrestlemania 29 we saw Alberto Del Riooooo stand on top here and it made us sick to our stomachs seeing that disgrace full immigrant stand on our land, our territory and our America. Immigrants stay to your self and dont come to Jack Swagger's America and steal out jobs! 4 years ago I tried out for a job here in my home town of Union City and I was rejected! Why? Because some Mexican immigrant would work for less money, Stay out of our America.

    Swagger: We The People.
  5. *Booker walks about looking for someone and finds Devin (Whilst looking all fly)*
    Booker: Hey Devin, wassup? :boss:
  6. *Swagger and Colter arrive by helicopter*

    Zeb: So this is WFF?

    Swagger: Yeah, Real Americans hopefully.

    Zeb: We The People.
  7. *The camera pans in on Jon Moxley who is smoking a cigarette and leaning on the hood of a car in the arena parking lot*

    *Moxley flicks the cigarette only to notice that the camera has already been filming him for a couple of seconds*
    I don't know much about WFF,I just sort of showed up,but what I do is that I am the most hardcore and extreme professional wrestler there is,I don't care about winning titles or even winning at all for that matter,all I care about is leaving my poor opponent beaten into a cesspool of their own blood. Forget what you think you know about this place because all of that is gone,it's a new era,a revolution of sort,a revolution of the lost generation,led by me. Champions don't mean anything anymore,the staff doesn't mean anything anymore,hell,none of you people mean anything anymore,the only thing important now is violence.

    *Moxley grabs the camera by both hands,leans real close to lenses and yells*

    Scene fades to black
  8. *Jack and Zeb start to film theyre next video*

    Zeb: Fellow Americans, Do you know about the epidemic going on in your very neighbourhood?
  9. *The Brian Kendrick walks in the arena with 4 suitcases full of jackets*
    Kendrick: Hey be careful with those, if you get so much as a fingerprint on one of those you can forget the tip I was never going to pay you!
  10. *Jacob prepares to leave*

    Jacob: This day's almost over, gotta go home and relax but before I've got to talk about a title match with our GM

    *runs to the GM office*
  11. OOC - JBL and Striker are the GMs for all of you who don't know.
    JBL: Ah Jacob, welcome to WFF, what can I do you for?
  12. *Jack and Zeb are still filming*

    Zeb: The epidemic is, I see people walks around our United Sates and are NOT American! I see people with faces not like mine! And voices not like mine!
  13. *Kendrick shouts from a distance*
  14. Jacob: I just signed for this company and I wanted to be in a match, perhaps for a title...
  15. *
    *Zeb stops the camera, Jack walks over*

    Jack: Would you mind not! Where you from any way?
  16. JBL: I'm afraid I can't do that, you need to prove to me and Matt Striker that you have what it takes to get a title match in this company, if you can do that, we'll consider you for a title match.
  17. *Zeb starts the camera again without Jack*

    Zeb: we are sick and of seeing blacks, Asians and Brits here in THE USA! Stay on your own land!

    OOC: 100th post! Btw, im not racist, Just character.
  18. Kendrick: Don't worry Jack I'm from this country, born in Virginia, residing in Florida.
  19. I'm the best wrestler you have, that's a prove, I came here to test you and this universe, I was the IWT first ever cruiserweight champion! You want more proves? I'll face whoever you want!
  20. Jack: Florida? Immigrants come here for the American dream, Florida is part of that, Your everything were against!
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