Wha fi gwan

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Tyrone, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Aright people me name be Tyrone me fi watchin dis wrestlin ting bare years fi way before it nah be good nah more ya know. Me nah watch it a lot nah more but me still get into it when it on.

    Me tell ya now me fi type like this on purpose, me nah got brain damage or anything me just Jamaican, me father Jamaican and me other family Jamaican too.

    Me leave now, ask away any of them questions yall might fi have pon me and me try answer quick.

    Peace, love and mary jane.
  2. Your typing is going to annoy a lot of people on here, but they'll learn to deal with it.

    So how did you find out about this forum?
  3. Will do.:otunga:{otunga welcomes you the forums}
  4. Man I hope I wasn't the one who referred you.

  5. Is that you in your avatar?:laugh:
  6. I can dig that typing.



  7. hahahaha nah man me join from forum where crayo gwan advertisin and ting.

    fi sure, me taken dis picture when me at me job, me a cook for local cafe fi sells local jamaican food.
  8. I hope this isn't all part of some sick gimmick.

    By sick I mean UGH!
  9. Welcome, Jamaica FTW.
  10. Welcome man!! Have fun here, hope to see you in some theats!

    Silent riva run deep. :emoji_wink:

    This one is for you.
  11. Wha'gwan mon? I an' I be righteous my youth, heard 'bout dem rudeboys on 'dem oder forums an' slapped em wit me back hand, punch of pussy hole bombaclots.

    Oh, uh..

    Hey, welcome to the site!
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