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  1. *The camera zooms in on Luis Alvarado while Whata man by Salt-n-Pepa continues to play *
    Luis Alvarado: A little higher.
    *The camera zooms in his chest*
    Luis Alvarado: Higher.
    *The camera starts to zoom in on his mouth before he motions it to go higher. The camera begins to zoom on his eyes*.
    Luis Alvarado: Thank you, I personally think my eyes are the best part of me. Eyes are a wonderful thing, you can tell a lot about a person from just their eyes whether they're angry or when they're sad. Or when they are completely and utterly maravilloso like myself. Though I don't know much about my opponent or care to know about him. I just already know I'm going to win, which means I can put my focus on my other projects such as modeling, tv shows, etc. So please join me again next week as we take a tour of my upcoming show "Geeze Luis" in celebration of me advancing in the tournament. Ciao, Amigos.
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