Kayfabe What a Real Relationship Looks Like

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  1. "Where, oh where has Tyler Quintana gone?"

    The snide tone of the voice indicates the appearance of Maria Stafford, surprisingly. Slowly, the scene opens to see Maria sitting alone in her living room. The camera shows us the inside of Frankie Highwood and Maria Stafford's New York loft, which is decorated very nicely. Maria is wearing an elegant black dress that looks to equate to half the roster's payment.

    "It's a mystery to me, and it must be a mystery to you. All of you 'fans' of little Ty-Ty are just waiting, pleading for your teen pop idol star to state his piece and shoot us down. He'll fire up with intensity and really showcase his 'heart' and 'dedication'. He'll rely on his side piece to provide him with the support that he really needs. She'll, she'll cure him of all of his evil thoughts and worries. She'll clear his head and they'll run off into the sunset together while blasting some shitty, whiny, emo kid music."

    ""You're not in a high school relationship, you wannabe sweethearts. You're in the real world, not some romantic fantasy."

    Maria stands from her point and begins acting out her next words very dramatically with a poorly exaggerated Shakespearean accent.

    "And the fair maiden saves the sad soul from endless torment. She takes his hand and raises it high into the sky. Together they will..."

    For dramatic effect, she returns her delivery to her normal, bitchy tone.

    "Through the power of love, of course."

    She returns to the exaggerated delivery.

    "They will no longer despair, and live happily ever after...Pssh, as if!"

    The young woman begins laughing, cackling you'd call it, still amused with Tyler and Lauren's relationship. After a few long, torturous, seconds, Maria attempts to regain her composure but does a poor job of hiding her giggles.

    "But, but seriously guys, you need to lay off the lovey dovey stuff and get your personal issues in check. I've seen a lot of my friends have their relationships be destroyed because of the 'He's so sweet and innocent' bullshit. Speaking woman to woman, you need to leave his ass before you get trapped. He is going to snap one day, and a shoulder to cry on won't be enough to keep him chill. I'm speaking from the heart, not from experience, because unlike you, I ended up with a man because of love, not shitty one night stands."

    The compassion in Maria's voice disappears quicker than a Christopher Jordan push.

    "Unlike your boy toy, my boyfriend actually has a future in this business. This is Tyler's, what, third go around with a major company? It's time to cut the ties dude and go back to school. Maybe you can salvage something with the half a brain you have after getting curb stomped by Kelsey Taylor. Oops, sorry. Don't think you've recovered from that one yet, hehe. But hey, we all get knocked down every now and again. However, you, just like that skank you claim to be dating, may just spend a little bit too much time on your backs."

    With a smug grin, Maria laughs into the camera. Footsteps can be heard from behind her. Frankie Highwood walks into the scene while wearing a very fluffy and large robe. It's black and white whilst being zebra stripped.

    "Babe, what're you doing?"

    "Oh, just making a little 'video' for your opponent at Peace of Mind."

    "Gotcha. He still hasn't said anything?"

    "Nope, probably out with his girl who he loves oh so much."

    Frankie slides over next to his girl.

    "Well...Why don't we show them what real love is?"

    Frankie and Maria are millimeters away from one another. Before things get going, Maria turns toward the camera, that still has the couple in their sights. She puts her hand in Frankie's chest

    "Wait...They can find out on their own. This may be a bit too advanced for them."

    The couple laughs together as Maria reaches over the table and cuts off the camera, depriving the young fans of RWK the opportunity to learn about the birds and the bees.

    -End Segment-
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