What A Traitor...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Grievous II, Jul 15, 2017.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Well WWE...look at what you've done...
    Bayley has fallen so far that even her #1 fan has jumped on the Bliss Bandwagon.
    I guess Izzy got tired of supporting a loser.

    I would never turn my back on Charlotte no matter what happened...

    You're cruel Izzy...very cruel...

    Also...Izzy turned heel before #IgnoreReigns did...
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  2. Bayley is just a all around terrible addition to WWE

    She is like the definition of someone who should never left nxt in my opinion.

    She may be the worst actor on the whole WWE roster
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  3. Ouch...that's saying something considering Dana Brooke is on the main roster...

    I kid of course...I'll always remember Dana for this moment...

  4. Baley does seem like she doesnt belong in WWE. I say Send her back!!!!
  5. First of all, Izzy is a fan of both Alexa and Bayley, I saw that tweet a while ago and saw her feed and my guess is she was her Smackdown fav until she was traded to Raw and now both her favs are on the same show.

    Second, when it comes to Bayley on the main roster, you can put some of it on Bayley, but a lot of it has to do with how they are booking her. She is a great underdog character and what they did wrong was rob her of her solo earned victory against Charlotte, and they put the belt on her a month and a half too early. The Bliss storyline also hurt her quite a bit because they didn't really give her character bite. You can have a bubbly, hug loving character who villians cast them aside for being "too nice" but you need them to have bite when needed and stand up to her bullies. That is what they did with Bayley in NXT. She came close a lot, was pushed around, but she got her revenge and the title at the right time. Example: the crappy this is your life III with Bliss and Bayley. That segment was awful, but what could have saved it somewhat was Bayley getting one up on Bliss. They didn't and continued the trend.
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  6. Its cool bro...I was just being overly dramatic...
    and trying to have a bit of fun.
    They kept her in NXT for too long and when she was drafted to the main roster
    it was to "fill in" for Sasha in her feud with Charlotte. Sasha recovered quicker
    than expected leaving Bayley stuck wrestling Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke and
    Nia Jax (Ugh...)

    The Charlotte/Sasha feud ended (unfairly and with the wrong person winning)
    and Bayley was then made the top contender. Around the time of the Royal
    Rumble I'm guessing the "Superstar Shake Up" was planned with Charlotte
    swapping places with Alexa Bliss.

    Now instead of allowing Bayley to achieve her dreams in the proper babyface
    way and at the right time...they had her become the #1 contender with Sasha's
    help, they had her win the title with Sasha's help, defend the title and break
    Charlotte's pay per view streak with Sasha's help, get her (fine) ass kicked
    by Nia Jax & Sasha leading up to Wrestlemania, have her basically pin one
    woman in a four woman match at Wrestlemania only for Alexa Bliss to arrive
    shortly after and defeat Bayley CLEANLY twice in back to back pay per views.

    Don't forget that Alexa had recently been slapped around and been made to
    squeal like a 5 year old girl with a skinned knee by Naomi...twice.

    Bayley was a "transitional" champion and clearly the main roster writers/creative
    only ever viewed her as that.

    I actually grew to hate Bayley because of how she won and retained the title
    and because of how fucking weak she looked during her reign.

    Looking back...it would have made more sense for for Sasha to win and hold the
    belt from Roadblock to Payback and had the Boss feud with Bliss once she arrived.

    We could have avoided Alexa completely and utterly destroying Bayley in every
    possible way for around 2 months.

    Bayley's booking has been terrible and the only positive moment during her
    entire main roster run was her surprise appearance at Battleground 2016...
    where she only showed up because Sasha asked her to.

    Jesus...basically Bayley has been booked as Sasha's goofy and clumsy sidekick.

    Its clear that the WWE creative either don't like Bayley or truly have no idea
    how to book her.

    Triple H must be fucking enraged by how she's been handled...and just think
    about what could happen to Asuka if she ends up on RAW?

    It could be a nightmare come to life...
  7. This just makes me think she is a plant.
  8. Nah, if she was a plant, I think you probably would have saw her betraying Bayley during the This Is Your Life segment.
  9. Eh. Either way, she is just a fan. I don't put much thought on it.

    Also, 90% of the female roster > Bayley
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  10. *Roman
  11. So was going to be in that segment...but after she read the script
    she ran screaming and crying out of the building realizing that 2
    of her favorite WWE performers would never be the same again.


  12. Why didn't the Club and Dana Brooke ever become a regular thing? They could of used a hot female manager
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  13. #13 Grievous II, Jul 15, 2017
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    Again...another good idea the WWE didn't try...

    Dana could have worn this outfit when teamed with them.


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  14. The Club could get Dana Brooke but they would still need a hot female manager.
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  15. So...I think I understand this...

    Your saying Dana Brooke is an unattractive man right?

    If so...I have to disagree 100%.
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  16. But she is an unattractive man... She is a lady. If a man looked like her, he would be unattractive. At least to me. lol
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  17. Bodybuilder's are great looking. Man or Woman. I mean, even My MOTHER Is a Body Builder... Or waz Before she had me.. I can still see the bodybuilder in her Arms, Thighs, and Calves. She is surprisingly strong. You wouldnt wanna sneak up on her or you'd regret it. Lol!
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    Body Builder MAN:
  19. VS
    Body Builder Woman.
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    I just like Dana because she's nice and thicc...


    I mean I don't think much of her wrestling or promos...
    but she has a certain...appeal.

    Wait? Wasn't this thread about Izzy wearing Alexa Bliss merchandise?
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