What age differences are acceptable?

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  1. Just wondering because me and my mate - who are in fourth year - both seen a group of first years and admitted, that, if the oppurtunity arose, we'd give them a go.

    So I decided I would come on here and see what you lot make of it, is a 15 year old and 12 year old acceptable, and, if no, then what age would 3 years first be reasonable in your opinion?
  2. 15 and over is when 3 years should be acceptable. a 13 year old dating a 16 year old. no no and 15 year old with 18 year old isn;t half as bad tho. crayo agrees.
  3. Just don't take any advice from Big Hoss on this subject
  4. 18 to 21, because 12 to 15 is weird and 15 to 18 is an adult and a minor
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    but seriously, 2 year difference if you're both minor and if you're both 18+, then up to 4 year old difference.
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  6. Half your age + 7 and you are good
  7. :laugh:

    But that would restrict me to nobody younger than 14 and a half :tough:
  8. When you're old 10 years + is fine. Just if you're young then 2 years max imo.
  9. WOw, didn't know how socially unacceptable 3 years was. Even if they're developed?
  10. Know a girl who is in a relationship with a guy.
    At the start: She was 13 and he was 19, still together.

    But 3 to 4 years is the max imo.
  11. Even if their developed R'Albin. 2 years tops until you are legally a adult
  12. That, is weird IMO. 6 years at that age? Can't believe it lasted.
  13. I knew of a couple of examples of Seniors dating Freshman in HS, so that would have been 17/18 year olds with 14/15 year olds.. It's a little peculiar IMO but nothing unheard of
  14. Friend of mine had a gf who was 10 years older.
    17 year old with a 27 year old.. :obama:
  15. true, but 15 year olds these days are mature for their age.
  16. Thanks everyone, it wasn't like I was planning to go for one by the way, I was just wondering if it was acceptable to.
  17. I'll let Berney Eclestone answer this one. :burns:
  18. Woman's Opinion: Fuck age, if you're nice, rich, and sex on legs, Imma have you.

    Plus points if you play any instrument.
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