What AJ May Have Planned For Kane On Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. no this shit again and now with Kane.. :upset:
  2. Have I mentioned that I hate AJ? .... Oh, I have? .... OK, good, just making sure. Carry on.
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  3. She's a face, so there won't be consequences. If there will be something like the anger management segments with Bryan except with Kane involved... ugggggggghhhhhhhhh

    Bryan is WWE's Christopher Daniels, he can take something ass-awful and make it watchable due to his performance alone. But if you take Christopher Daniels out of the Claire Lynch storyline and replace him with Rob Terry, the storyline is even more ghastly and intolerable than it would be had that character just been completely taken away. This is the exact same thing.

    Hashtag-End-This-Fucking-Feud. And Teddy Long > AJ
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  4. Love the TNA metaphor. :obama:

    Seriously, the thought of Kane undergoing anger management segments similar to Bryan's just makes me cringe. This can't end soon enough.
  5. I hate A.J such a poor G.M it's cringe worthy to watch. Hire Teddy Long I want tag match main-event playa!
  6. Oh no Ryder being your partner is his punishment :badass: Way to set your authority.
  7. I dont want aJ to be GM :((
  8. Her punishment was a tag team match? :lol1:
  9. Then Teddy Long has always been punishing people. No wonder why he walked like he had a stick up his ass, he was always pissed.
  10. For sure, the guy booked more tag team matches then all the other GMs put together. :haha:
  11. GMs? As in plural?? :shock: Alright now playa, it's goona be, AJ and Bookah Tea vs Airic Bitchoff and Pawl Hayman. Holla!
  12. I meant that if you took every tag team match every GM has ever booked and you add them, it won't reach the quantity of tag team matches that Teddy Long has booked. I don't think I expressed myself adequately in my previous statement.
  13. AJ wont punish him she will reward Kane with another snog
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