Music What albums are you looking forward to hearing in 2014?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 1, 2014.

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    Here's my list:

    Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators - 'World On Fire' (September 15th)
    Adelitas Way - 'Stuck' (July 29th)
    Big Wreck - 'Ghosts' (June 10th)
    Linkin Park - 'The Hunting Party' (June 17th)
    Theory Of A Deadman - 'SaVages' (July 8th)
    Seether - 'Isolate & Medicate' (July 1st)
    Ed Sheeran - 'X' (June 23rd)
    Maroon 5 - 'V' (September 2nd)
    Rev Theory
    Foo Fighters
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Rise Against
    My Darkest Days
    Metallica (hopefully)
    Story Of The Year (hopefully)
    Three Days Grace
    Bullet For My Valentine

    Albums released in 2014, that I have listened to thus far:

    Black Stone Cherry - Magic Mountain
    Dierks Bentley - Riser
    Coldplay - Ghost Stories
    Of Mice & Men - Restoring Force
    Fuel - Puppet Strings
    Memphis May Fire - Unconditional
    Chevelle - La Gárgola
    Steel Panther - All You Can Eat
    James Durbin - Celebrate
    Kongos - Lunatic
    The Fray - Helios
    Paolo Nutini - Caustic Love
  2. the same ones I've been hearing for years
  3. I heard a brand new Green Day song last week not gonna lie they went back to their old sound, idk if it was just for that one song or if that's what their new shit is going to sound like.. Finally might start giving a shit about that band.

    All you can Eat had me cracking up by Steel Panther, those dudes are wicked.

    You think RHCP's new album will come out in 2014? Interesting, they started working on it in February, I don't really want them to rush it though.
  4. Green Day smh. Those faggots give the Bay Area a bad name.
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  5. I really only like everything they did prior to 2004 with some stuff on American Idiot that were manageable to listen to. Everything else yeah I can see giving a horrible rep to there haha.
  6. all of their shit is trash IMHO

    we listen to Lithium all the time at work (if you have XM) and they are the most offensive thing we get on that station, even over the Cranberries or Alanis Morrisette.

    when "Good Riddance" comes on I put out an open challenge to anyone in the store if they want to fight. It makes my blood boil with anger
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  7. Bahaha, I feel like they are 50/50 with the Nation, I know a bunch of people that despise the fuck out of everything they've done and I know just as much who enjoy them.
    Personally that was the first Green Day song I've heard in like 5 years and since then my music taste has matured greatly so I'm sure if I "tried" to listen to it now I wouldn't find as much enjoyment as I did when I was a little high school punk.
  8. Their emo lead singer billy whatever the fuck is so goddamn annoying. His voice makes me want to jump into a wood chipper just to make it stop
  9. He used to be more Punk, than somehow his life got shitty, although with that decent bit of money they made and their alleged love for music I'm not sure how your life gets shitty, so yeah now he's more emo haha.
  10. this is the only song they have that doesn't make me want to physically harm myself or others

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  11. Haha that was the first song I ever heard from them way back when I was like 9.
  12. Fuck Green Day. I'm with D'Z all the way on this. Hate how they're considered "punk" or whatever.

    This is my kinda punk. You know, stuff with balls.
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  13. Not really interested in Green Day anymore.

    Yeah, Steel Panther are crazy bastards. All You Can Eat had me cracking up as well, especially 'Gloryhole'.

    Well, I do hope RHCP's new album comes out his year, same as Metallica's. If not, then it's gotta be 2015. I can wait, though. There are so many other bands/artists coming out with new music this year.
  14. 2014 for me thus far;

    Dead Congregation - Promulgation of the Fall

    Teitanblood - Death
  15. Back in like April the Foo Fighters had said they were about halfway done with the new album, I'm pretty eager to hear some new stuff from them. Wasting Light back in 2011 was their last album IIRC so it's been a good bit of time.
  16. I'm pretty excited for their new album, as well. Wasting Light was terrific, I loved it, it's my favorite album by them.

    Yeah, the Foo Fighters said the new album's gonna be released sometime in the Fall... And that the Foos would commemorate the album and 20th anniversary with an HBO TV-series directed by Dave, which's called 'Sonic Highways'.
  17. FF was the best concert I've ever been too, partially because it was in Madison Square Garden but mostly because they fuckin kick ass!
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  18. Can't argue with that! ^
  19. The Hustle Continues (THC) - Juicy J
    Blacc Hollywood - Wiz Khalifa

    Whatever other rap albums come out.
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  20. High Road- Night Ranger
    Redeemer of Souls- Judas Priest
    Hypnotic Eye- Tom Petty
    I also believe the Foo Fighters are going to put out an album this year.
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