What angle is currently keeping you watching weekly?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. If any. Some people tune in weekly for the guaranteed entertainment in Punk for example. You know pretty much that he's going to cut a promo you more or less enjoy, and that something "major" could happen around him. But what's your draw to RAW or WWE in general?
  2. I watch for the music. The pageantry of it all.

    I just enjoy the show.. And that's ok!
  3. Nothing. I watch because it's a habit.
  4. I tune in because It's WWE so you're guaranteed some entertainment. Despite my ratings of 1 or 2 out of 10. I still very much enjoy parts of the show, it must be noted that my ratings can sometimes reflect how p*ssed off I am at the show for poor writing and booking. But I enjoy it none the less. Another reason I watch Raw every week is the anticipation of debuts, and returns.

    I'm really looking forward to Ambrose debuted, Triple H return, and many more.
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  5. Only reason I have to watch Raw is to participate in the discussion thread.
  6. Nice post.

    I remember you saying this before, many agreed, lol.
  7. I don't watch weekly. The only reason I even skim through PPVs anymore is to see what Ziggler is up to.
  8. The member of the month only watches to see what Ziggler is up to?
  9. Punk, Sandow and Ziggler basically. There's no good angles tbh, Bryan and Kane are good for the tag division but it's nowhere near as funny as it was(understandably).

    I wouldn't even bother to turn on the show without Punk in all honesty.
  10. Nothing. Only watched Raw because thought Flair was returning somehow. Nevermind..
  11. I watch because I'm a mark and I have nothing else to do. :haha:
  12. I watch mainly out of habit. I've been a wrestling fan since 1996, and the only lengthy period of time I didn't watch was from 2006-2010. Even when I started keeping up again, I didn't watch Raw or Smackdown weekly all the time. So, watching regularly again is a conscious effort on my part to try and get more back into wrestling by tuning into the weekly shows since I am still somewhat of a fan, as evidenced by me still watching promos and matches on Youtube or DVD (or the fact that I participate here on this forum.)

    And even though a large part of me is already almost sick of watching Raw and SD again (after only two whole weeks...), the thing is, there are actually a couple of things that have my attention on the show. Cena and Vickie's 'feud' with each other, which seems to be causing a Cena/Ziggler rivalry . I'm not a big fan of Ryback, but it's refreshing to see them actually trying to make a new star, so I'm liking that he's in the spotlight. I'm looking forward to the Survivor Series elimination match that's been booked. Plus, I can't wait for The Rock to come back and fight Punk, although I have no interest in the Rock/Cena rematch that will occur afterwards.

    I also think a large part of watching the shows is just so I'll have more of a reason to post here, since posting here has become a habit of it's own.
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  13. I envy you Kevin, I wish I missed the year of 2009.
  14. Yeah, you're staying away already... but seriously, stay the fuck away from WWE right now. I mean "take drastic measures to make sure Raw isn't on your TV", maybe go ahead and delete USA Network until Ziggler wins the belt. We don't need Dolph's sticking sharp objects into his eye-sockets.

    (Post intended for him, if you enjoy it keep watching!)
  15. There's more to Professional Wrestling than the WWE, if you can believe that.


    I've started watching less and less, there's really nothing that I look forward to watching save for maybe Daniel Bryan.
  16. Watching for the dream that DZ will finally get the belt!
  17. Yeah, literally nothing. I just watch it b/c it's Raw.
  18. I watch it because of the CM Punk angle, as of now.
  19. Lol just noticed the pikachu in your sig.
  20. Tag team division, (Daniel Bryan) Dolph, Punk Angle
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