What animals are you afraid of?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Mar 17, 2016.

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  1. You can include insects in this list if you want. The animal doesn't have to necessarily scare you but it can be one that you are freaked out by as well.

    For me, spiders freak me out. I also have a few issues with the anglerfish :

  2. Chimps. Hairy jabronis that will rip your face off, mutilate your genitals and bite your fingers off just because. Most monkeys in general are pretty shitty too. Annoying, loud, steal shit, fling poo. Too much like humans if you ask me ...

    p.s Gorilla are cool though (I know they're not monkeys, but in the same family).
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  3. I'm afraid of Brock Lesnar!!! :brockderp:
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  4. Chimps are right assholes like Deth said. Gang warfare and gang rape is staples of their repertoire. Plus they are like 7 times as strong as a grown man. They'll wreck you.

    I have some dog phobia after being attacked by two dalmations as a kid. But it is manageable.

    And I am not afraid of, but disgusted by rats
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  5. Rabid wolverine :pity2:
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  6. "A remorseless, borderline sociopathic pseudo-human that will be hugging you one moment, and then ripping your arms the next."

    Sounds like my cat lol
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  7. sounds like @Shadow
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  8. Seagulls and crows really scare me.
  9. More like

    "A remorseless, borderline sociopathic pseudo-human that will be hugging Ambrose one moment, and then ripping his clothes off the next."
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  10. Snakes

    If I see a snake he better go the other fucking way because I'm getting a shovel and off with its head. Wretched beasts.
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  11. I'm afraid of Batista returning to WWE.
    And spiders, terrified of them.
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Snakes, rats, bugs, and wild jungle animals
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