what are current shows running for TNA?

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  1. There are 4 shows for WWE: RAW, Smackdown, Main Event, Sunday PPV
    like that in TNA, how shows are distributed? & also tell which day it will take place?
  2. Friday is IMPACT Wrestling, Saturday is Impact Wrestling: UNLOCKED and Sundays are PPV.
    You know it's weird, for the first time in ever, there is a wrestling show each night.
    Monday: RAW
    Tuesday: Main Event:
    Wednesday: NXT
    Thursday: SmackDown!
    Friday: Impact Wrestling
    Saturday: Impact Wrestling: UNLOCKED
    Sunday: PPV/ROH
  3. Only 3 Shows for TNA?
  4. ROH technically is on Saturdays as first airings.. well at least in a lot of areas!
  5. may be i asked question in wrong format,
    ok i am asking again like this: how many programs are there in TNA? For Example WWE RAW is television program is related to WWE.
  6. Like 3 or 4, 4 if you're counting TNA Xplosion I believe it's called.. this is probably more of a question for Google, or @Testify.
  7. Oh thanks, Please Name the remaining 3 TV Programs related to TNA.
  8. Impact, Unlocked, Xplosion, PPVs would be the 4 I would consider.. the PPVs aren't frequently though.
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  9. Thank You Very Much....
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