What are Dean Ambrose's chances?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. At winning tonight? Would you like him to win? They could use the briefcase to split The Shield up to be honest, and the fact he has the US championship doesn't mean anything (Miz won MITB while US champ). He'd definitely be the guy I want to win, but I'm pretty sceptical they'll go with him.
  2. The fact he hasn't been showcased at all in the build up for the match during this go home week makes me think he isn't going to win. He would be ideal since he is the most protected out of all the guys. But even when Bryan won and was on the losing streak he was showcased in the build up to the match.
    They could shock me though.
  3. Crayo buddy, in any logical universe he's be the guy to pick to win MITB. While the Shield's momentum has definitely cooled, you can still argue Ambrose is in the top 5 heels in the company right now (after Henry I don't know who else you'd put ahead of him. Wyatt just debuted. Fuck ADR.) The only real question is whether or not they have any more plans for the Shield as a whole (face turn to feud with the Wyatts?), and if they can find a good way to get the US Belt off of him. Miz had a ready-made feud that did a good enough job putting Bryan over that it took some of the spotlight off Miz's loss, but losing the belt to Christian at Summerslam is not quite the same thing.

    Here's an idea: Dean wins the WHC and the US belt fades away. :otunga:

    Dean's the obvious favorite here. Fandango and Sandow aren't main eventers, lets please not push Swagger again, haven't seen anything in Cesaro to believe he'd be better (inb4hate), Rhodes and Barrett have been irrelevant since Koskey's smackdown... I just can't shake this feeling that they want that "surprise winner" like they did with Miz and Bryan (and to an extent Dolph but everyone here called that). At least they can do a whole lot worse than a lot of these guys.
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  4. 10/1 if you believe the bookies im hoping there right and sandow gets it
  5. Anyone but Swagger works for me in that match.
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  6. He's a big possibility actually. Him having the briefcase/WHC can play well into an eventual Shield break up.
  7. He's the most likely to win IMO. I can't see any of the other guys taking it. Swagger and Caesro have just formed a duo, Fandango is just there to make up the numbers in the match, and the same is probably true of Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett. This really is the filler MITB match it seems and Ambrose getting a hold of the briefcase at least adds to The Shield's gimmick of wanting all the gold, only this time, Ambrose going for the world title could cause tension between he and Reigns/Rollins. It also adds a bit to the Christian/Ambrose US Title feud heading into Summerslam, as Ambrose can brag about winning his MITB match while mocking Christian for losing his. (IF he loses the US Title to Christian, which I doubt, Ambrose can say he can have the US Title, but he can never take *this* (referring to the briefcase for the WHC that he holds up.)
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