What are some awesome pictures to use for FB Comments?

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  1. Post the ones you use plus post some for me to use, pussies. I like the movie related ones... like the ones with Cap.
    images.jpg post-18577-Key-and-Peele-Im-for-Real-AARo-F290.jpeg tumblr_mba7wr0oQV1rrpsd7.gif and I use GIFs as comments alot also
  2. Delete your facebook.
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  3. why :please:

    Um, i'm jk. I don't usually post pictures, but memes are pretty funny.
  5. Well, i used to never use them but now people are having these FB Photo Comment wars which are pretty fun
  6. I didn't even know you could do that.
  7. This, and get off the internet.
  8. Then take a bath in blood, it's good for your skin. Lots of iron.
  9. Guise, pls don't bully me off the internetz
  10. Baby blood is best
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  11. I already do that m8
  12. ^ Yup
  13. I bet if you post a pic of your dick stuff will get real.
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  14. Let the shit get real.
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  15. I'm currently watching the video and it's............
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