What are some of the greatest title reigns in the last 10 years?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Marcus Snowden, May 8, 2016.

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  1. In the last 10 years, there have been some terrible title reigns (The Great Khali's WHC reign, Dean Ambrose's US Championship reign). However, there have also been some amazing title reigns. Here's my list:

    John Cena's third WWE Championship reign (September 2006-October 2007 for a total of 380 days)
    CM Punk's second WWE Championship reign (Survivor Series 2011-Royal Rumble 2013 for a total of 434 days)
    Sasha Banks' NXT Women's Championship reign (NXT TakeOver: Rival to NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn for a total of 192 days)
    Bayley's NXT Women's Championship reign (NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn to NXT TakeOver: Dallas for a total of 223 days)
    Randy Orton's second WWE Championship reign (No Mercy 2007 to Backlash 2008 for a total of 203 days)
    Hiroshi Tanahashi's fifth IWGP Heavyweight Championship reign (Wrestle Kingdom V-The New Beginning 2012 for a total of 404 days)
    Kazuchika Okada's second IWGP Heavyweight Championship reign (Invasion Attack 2013-Wrestling Dontaku 2014 for a total of 391 days)
  2. Is this based on length or actual quality?
  3. So you basing this on wwe and new japan then? Also other then the danielson and NOC match with cena, punks reign was overrated. Street fight with Jericho was good as well but no way was ever doubting punk losing it.
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  4. orton 2007 to 2008. age of orton.

    cud have been better. but the suits fucked up at summerslam 2007. i was that pissed off people thought i was goin to do somethin stupid. they ruined lives that night.
  5. He won the title and beat Cena at Mania. How much better could it have been?
  6. It's a mix of both, but it usually leans on actual quality.
  7. Punks reign was boring as shit.
  8. Punk should've held it from MITB till WM 28. His reign was too long and uneventful. Winning at Survivor Series just kind of felt off.
  9. Although I hate to admit it, but John Cena's US title reign in 2015 (From winning it from Rusev to losing it to Rollins) was a pretty damn good reign. I, for the most part, cannot stand Cena but he defended the belt often and in some of the best matches of last year.It was definitely one of the highlights from last year in wrestling in general.
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  10. I have no problem with Cena as a wrestler. He does his job fine. I just don't like him being in the limelight all the time. So seeing him hold the US title was a refreshing change with a lot of good matches. I think that was one of the better reigns, overall.

    Another midcard title reign that comes to mind is Dolph Ziggler's reign in 2011. That was the last time (besides Cena) a U.S title match was wanted more than a World title match. I remember CM Punk saying Ziggler vs. Ryder is what the people want, and not Punk vs. Ryder and the crowd popped. It was a cool time, and fun.
  11. From a more casual fan's perspective I enjoy it when an older talent is carrying a championship... insiders call these transitional champions.

    An older talent is usually very good on the mic and has great comedic timing due to experience.

    Older talent can promote themselves while making it obvious they can lose any given night as well.

    I liked:
    Sheamus - WWEWHC - (late 2015)
    Cena - US - (2015)
    Bryan - WHC - (2011 - 2012)

    I realize Bryan was young but it was a trial run which allowed him to show his us his full arsenal. This run also gave birth to the 'Yes' movement.
  12. To bring up a few who have not been touched on.
    Samoa Joe's ROH world title run (sadly falls just outside of the time frame. But it is considered one of the best title reigns in all of wrestling. 645 days)
    Bryan Danielson's ROH world title run (Career defining and company defining reign 462 days, tied for most defenses of the ROH world title at 38)
    Takeshi Morishima's ROH world title reign (almost the perfectly booked foreign monster holds the world title storyline. Only downside was ROH at the time not having the money to bring him over for every show at the time, 231 days).
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  13. Mark Henry's 2011 WHC run deserves a mention, especially his feud with Orton. From being discarded as an unambiguous failure at his long wrestling career having allegedly amounted to nothing.. to becoming one of the most legit heel champions in recent memory is certainly an appreciable wrestling story.
  14. Well, Cena's US title reign last year comes to mind.
  15. Besides some of the ones already mentioned:

    - Bobby Roode's TNA Championship reign, all of it was great. And Aries winning it off of him was one of the best feel-good moments of that year.

    - Kevin Owen's NXT Title reign, probably the best NXT title reign to date.

    - Christian's World Title Reign, I know it only lasted a day, but it's not so much about the reign as it was about the following feud with Orton. The heel turn was a slow burn, none of it was rushed. And it was just a great rivalry between the two.

    - AJ Style's IWGP Title reign, one of the main reasons I feel like he even got signed to the WWE. His match streak was on fire, and his character was just so good.

    - Chris Jericho's World Title reign, his heel character was damn good. And him vs HBK always make for some of the best storytelling you'd see on a WWE screen.

    - Jay Lethal's current ROH title reign, no doubt about it.
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  16. Can't argue with any of those really. Bobby Roode's TNA reign is what brought me back to TNA for a while when after I previously left when Hogan got involved.
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  17. Lets throw Lethal's latest TV title reign in as well. Legitimately elevated himself into a main event level talent and the belt to a main event belt during it.
  18. Was Hogan a plague to TNA? Kinda, but some of their best moments happened when he was there.

    Done so well WWE straight ripped it while it was still going. Cena vying to show that his title meant more than Rollins' wasn't actually bad either, but they scrapped it way too quick. Would've liked to see possible contenders choose which title they wanted to go for, and see how much Rollins could do with so much time. Guess it might've been best they didn't stick with it though, with their heavier schedule and all.
  19. Slightly off topic I know but I do have say that:

    Maybe for some people but the reason the Hogan era didn't work for me was because I was fanatical about what TNA was beforehand. I REALLY liked the pre Hogan product. And it changed more than I wanted it to. If I had never watched TNA before Hogan, I may not have disliked it as much. But I watched TNA from the very beginning.. I used to get those weekly PPVs and followed then on Fox Sports and even kept following them when they didn't have a TV deal before Spike. When Hogan came around, in my view, they changed the very spine of the company and I just couldn't watch it anymore. Hell, Ric Flair, my all time favorite was there, and I couldn't even watch it for him because it wasn't the company I knew anymore and hasn't been since.

    So even the good moments couldn't be good to me.

    But that just says more how good Bobby's reign was that it got me to watch again.
  20. Started watching near the end of '06 myself, and it was the only wrestling product I even watched after a little while. I do agree that the Hogan era had a ton of cons, with Team Flair vs Team Hogan, Immortal, and bringing in Brooke being only a few. But there was a lot of good moments to go with it, maybe not enough to keep someone guaged into it every week. 2012 itself was almost flawless, but we already know Roode had a lot to do with that.

    Like I said, I'm not denying the Hogan era was one of the worst TNA has gone through(with the exception of right now), but there's still quite a few good things I can pick out from it.
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