What are some potential babyface tag teams?

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  1. Lets look up and down this tag division real quick.

    On the heel side, we have the Shield and the Wyatt Family as big time players, plus jobber teams like Prime Time Players, 3MB, Epico and Primo. On the babyface side all we have are Tons of Funk and the Uso's (no, Khali and Hornswoggle don't count), which is why we're seeing so much stalling with the Shield.

    We could see the return of Rey and Sin Cara, maybe Kofi and Bourne and a jobber team in Kidd and Gabriel (sad smiley) and maybe the Celtic Vipers will stick together. Otherwise we really need new faces on the babyface side of the tag division. Do you see any potential good tag teams that can form with the current roster?
  2. Adrian Neville and Corey Graves could work I guess. Sure their characters don't exactly mesh but if brought up as a team to combat the shield/family it would make sense and they can also play on the fact that they went to war with the Shield before.

    This is in the future though: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. I can see them work both as faces and heels. There's no way Enzo won't get them over.
  3. Neville & Bourne would be awesome. Sin and Rey should get back together. Kidd & Gabriel. The Ascention need to be called up, perhaps when (if) Shield turn face. I dunno, tons of possibilities down in NXT to be honest.
  4. I quite enjoyed Neville/Grey to be honest. I think PTP should be face though, or tweeners at least. They're comedy gold and should be used more.
  5. Ascension should definitely be called up once they've had a good run on top of NXT to establish the team a bit. Plus I want to see their new custom made finisher they apparently have.
  6. Neville and Rey
    Kingston and Neville
  7. Neville and Gabriel. No one cares about Gabriel but I like him.
  8. Christian and Y2J
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  9. mother fuckin briscoe boys. call em up quick
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