What are the best matches to show to get someone into wrestling?

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  1. A friend of mine has talked to me about wrestling a few times and said he wouldn't mind getting into it. So, I've been thinking of matches to show him.

    Now I know I could show him some matches like Mankind/Taker and Dudleys/E&C/Hardys and he'd love it, but that's from the past. If he loves that, he'd be terribly dissapointed then going to watch matches of todays era.

    So, what matches would you recommend? I've been thinking of CM Punk vs John Cena MITB 2011, The Shield vs Ryback and Hell No TLC 2012 and possibly one of the HBK/Taker matches. I've shown him some promo work, specifically a few of Punks work and that Shield promo from Smackdown last month. He was pretty impressed with them. Any other promo work to show?

    Also, how do your friends feel about you watching wrestling? Do they know? Do they bag you for it? Do they watch it with you? Some of my friends know, and none of them seem to care. In fact, most have seem at least a little bit interested in it.
  2. I would recommend any TLC matches. My friends who aren't WWE fans always like seeing them hit each other with shit. John Cena vs. The Rock is also another one, considering they're the most known wrestlers.

    And all of my friends are indifferent about it, they're just kinda like "oh cool". Some kinda' laugh at me considering I'm a 5 foot, Asian female who's a dork, they wouldn't really expect me to be into WWE, lmao. My other friends and my boyfriend who like wrestling watch Raw and Smackdown with me most of the time... and of course all of them aren't really computer people, so convincing them on here would more than likely fail.
  3. The Punk/Samoa Joe series of matches were awesome.
  4. Yeah, I was thinking TLC too. But, I want to show him an actual wrestling match too to see if he actually likes it. Because I'm fairly sure anyone would watch a TLC match.

    Don't know about Cena/Rocky, I watched that a few weeks back again and it was awful. Anyone notice how awful Rocky looked in the ring? He ran out of juice after his entrance virtually. But I guess a casual fan wouldn't notice that, so perhaps.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. I was thinking that also. Samoa Joe vs CM Punk 3 really got me into indy wrestling, though do you think a casual fan would be interested in that style?
  6. The thing with Cena/Punk MITB 2011 is the story. I wouldn't show it randomly.

    The recent TLC though.
  7. If they're the type that like realistic looking, hard hitting stuff, then yes. If they like dangerous looking spots and gimmicks go with the TLCs mentioned above.
  8. Oh yeah, I've already shown him the promos for it. And explained to him how big of a deal it was and why, he thought that was pretty cool. The match itself was amazing, but I don't know if he'd be able to appreciate it yet. So maybe showing him a complete spotfest like you and Deathbane suggested would be a better idea at first.
  9. Punk/Bryan OTL
  10. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1ks4p_dean-malenko-vs-rey-mysterio-jr-gab_sport#.UOQTOW_mf8g[/video]Try some of the matches from WCW with Rey Mysterio vs Dean Malenko
  11. I've found that just showing them matches doesn't always work. When it comes to MMA or boxing, maybe. But when it comes to wrestling, it helps to show the angle and build leading up to the match. Sometimes, just showing them the angle (like the NWO) is enough to draw them in.

    I'd show someone some of the early NWO stuff from WCW. I'd show them the build up to Hogan-Andre at WM3, in order to explain to them why it was such a big deal. Show them the Undertaker/Kane feud from 97/98, Austin-Bret Hart's entire feud, show them Austin-Rock (especially their flawless interview with each other leading up to Wrestlemania 17, the one conducted by JR), the build between Batista and Triple H leading to WM21, etc. Current day, the feud between Orton and HHH leading up to WM25, the match with HBK/Taker at WM25 and the entire build to their Streak/Career match at WM26, Cena/Punk at MITB 2011 and their build to the PPV, and the TLC match with Shield-Ryback/Team Hell No.
  12. Well, I guess you can't show simply TLC matches and stuff, otherwise as you said since most matches don't have stuff like that they'd be disappointed. KL has a point, showing something like a video package about their feud before showing the match would be nice. My friends don't care that I watch wrestling, sometimes they make fun of me for it but they not because they dislike it, we make fun of each other for various reasons. They don't watch it though.
  13. As great as the Joe/Punk series are, I wouldn't show those to some rookie. They need to be mesmerized with chair shots, blood, tables, ladders, light tubes, amazing promos, etc. right from the start.
  14. I really think it depends on the person. If the person is an MMA fan for example, I believe the Joe/Punk matches would interest them more than a CZW match.
  15. I'll throw Joe vs Angle from Lockdown out there, made it look like a shoot.
  16. You guys wanna some shoot style?

    Minimum co-opertion, no Irish Whips, no top rope moves, etc. Just vicious strikes and painful holds.
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  17. Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus at WM 28 :troll:

    I would show him Triple H vs Taker because that was pretty brutal for today's era even though II wouldn't call it a match masterpiece, but the storytelling of that match is what gets it going.

    Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk obviously would be a good match and is relatively recent.

    I would show him some Money in the Bank matches as well, the one at Wrestlemania 26 was pretty good (because Benjamin was in it)

    & I can't forget Punk vs Jericho at Extreme Rules of course
  18. I've shown him pretty much the whole CM Punk/John Cena feud (promo wise, at least) and he seemed to really enjoy it, I also showed The Shields promo's before the TLC match and he liked those too. I'm definitely not making him go in blind.

    I know it's best to show actual matches first, but I want him to already like what he's seeing before showing him a full blown wrestling match and explaining it to him. So I'll show him a TLC match, either The Shield vs Ryback and Hell No or Shelton Benjamin vs Christian, probably the first considering it happened last month.

    But yeah, I'm definitely not showing him a Hardy/E&C/Dudley match as he'd be disappointed when he saw other matches from this era greatly lol.

    Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it. He's a forumgoer too, so he'll probably post here if he does like it.
  19. I honestly don't know about HHH/Taker, it was a good match but mostly because of the history and storytelling. I don't think it'd have as good of an effect on him as it did for us, especially considering the fact he will probably never understand how important the streak is lol.

    I was thinking more of the lines of WM 24 MITB. That was brutal. Anyone remember that 5 man suplex? Or Shelton flipping from the ladder to the outside breaking a few other ladders? Such a great match.

    I can't remember, was AJ involved in both matches? I seriously hope not as I really don't want to expose him to utter shit.

    Yeah, definitely that match after I show him the MITB 2011 one. I'm surprised how overlooked that match is.
  20. It's really not about the match it's about all the damn chair shots, he'll love it.

    Any MITB match Shelton was in is pure gold

    I don't think that match had AJ involved in it, I believe that was No Way Out.

    Another good one might be the pre show tag team match at Wrestlemania, that one was pretty good although it has a very noticeable botch from Justin Gabriel
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