What are the chance of Mark Henry winning the title at MITB?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Baraa, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Is there any chance he may be walking out of MITB as the WWE Champion?
  2. I'd love to see him win it, but I'm standing by my opinion that they're going to leave the belt on Cena for a long, long time. Shame though.
  3. :sad:
  4. I hope not, with all due respect to Henry Bryan beating Cena is a huge deal compared to beating Mark which is not something to be sniffed at in it's self.
  5. I'd love to see him win, but honestly I think the real probability is about a 25%
  6. I doubt it'll happen. Cena/Bryan seems like an obvious pick for a Summerslam main event, especially since if Bryan wins, it's fitting that his climb to the very top of the mountain is Summerslam, since that's where he had his first WWE PPV match exactly three years ago.

    I think it's even plausible that Henry really does ride off into the sunset after losing to Cena. He gave a pretty heart felt baby face promo about retiring and after going for the ultimate gold and failing, I could see him giving a speech about how he wanted to see if he pull out a big victory one last time right before hanging up the boots. I can even foresee Cena giving him an applause afterwards, saying how he actually respects Henry above all else. I'm thinking of how Michaels turned heel on Hogan in 2005 only to turn baby face right back after losing the match (saying 'I just had to see if I could' in reference to trying to defeat Hogan), though it's a bit of a different circumstance.
  7. It won't happen, but I hope like hell that it does somehow.
  8. Nope. Cena wins for momentum going into a Cena/Bryan feud.
  9. Don't want to get into the percentages since none of us believe Cena has any shot of losing. That's the problem.

    The thing is with the current Cena dynamic, he's been to the mountaintop. He's been an 11/13 time WWE Champion, he's always played up as the underdog even though he's actually the odds to overcome, the top guy. But you already know this.

    Outside of the little kids who love Cena with every bone in their body, the story here is the guy who's been around for so many years who's never held the WWE Title vs the guy who's been on top for so many years. Mark Henry should be the sentimental favorite despite being the heel. If Mark Henry wins semi-clean you actually have a really good story with that the adults (who don't like Cena) will enjoy. Being a heel you can argue that shouldn't happen, but this is Mark Henry we're talking about. He'll make it work.

    There's a lot of history here too. Ratings haven't been good this year, and the last time WWE had a big ratings increase was when? Smackdown in 2011. What turned around the ratings? Ratings Henry. Similar buildup, too. You have a top face (Orton/Cena) who has a one-note character, getting heat from much of the audience after his win over a crowd favorite (Christian/Rock) for backstage reasons that irritate the IWC, then goes on this reign of terror and nobody feels like they could ever lose the belt. Then Randy Orton jobbed CLEAN to Mark Henry, and not only did ratings (and show quality) improve, but Orton became the most over he's ever been. Why? Because Mark Henry's the best dominant heel we've seen in years so Orton finally had a legitimate obstacle to overcome, although it's up for debate with how things transpired after that.

    Henry doesn't have to win 100% clean, but it should be decisive. You can have Cena make one little mistake and give him a "I was careless" excuse, or have him bounce off the exposed turnbuckle and into the WSS, or something like that. Giving Henry a thank you reign is good for the fans, good for the talents, and good for business.

    But with this, Bryan would be stuck in no-man's land.
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  10. Bryan going over either Henry or Cena would be good for him. I see WWE being more willing to let Bryan go over Henry clean than Cena. And Henry is more likely to go along with it.
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  11. I'd have no issue with Henry getting the title per se, but I think it all evens out better with Cena walking away as champion. If Cena wins, Henry likely retires and we get Cena/Bryan, which would have more of a big match feel to it than Bryan/Henry would (thought the latter is still a good option.) If Henry wins, we get Henry/Bryan but with Punk/Brock, BOD/The Shield (rumored), etc., who does that leave for Cena at Summerslam? (Please don't say a returning Ryback.) I guess you could play up Cena doing an injury angle due to Henry putting him in the Hall of Pain on Raw the night after MITB, but I don't see Cena missing Summerslam when he doesn't have to, even if Henry putting him on the shelf would definitely build him as a monster world champion and build further hype for the underdog Bryan to overcome the monster. It's an interesting angle, though.

    I might be in the minority, but I don't mind Cena keeping the title all year (I doubt Bryan will defeat him either.)
  12. I wish he won. I don't really think it'll happen but I'd mark.
  13. The swerve we could have is Henry wins and they push Bryan by going over the dominant heel champion, but that feud has happened relatively recently and I don't see Cena NOT being in the Summerslam main event.
  14. It all depends who wins the title. I'm assuming MITB will be the main event, so i would base my prediction on who wins. If henry wins, then it must be DB winning. If a heel wins, it'll be cena. I honestly am betting on DB getting screwed over by orton or kane (heels) and him not winning MITB, setting up a huge summerslam match. I doubt he wins the title before WM.
  15. Let me drop a bombshell right here:

    If Mark Henry wins a WWE Title @ MITB, I'll be watching WWE as long as he's champion (now testify to that). And yeah, I'll watch RAW only.
  16. if that wont convince WWE, im not sure what will.
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  17. There's always a chance,but, he most likely won't go over Cena which is good in my opinion. If anything Mark should get another World title reign. As for the WWE Championship,Cena should keep it for a while,because, Daniel Bryan beating John Cena for the WWE title would provide for a bigger mark out moment than Daniel Bryan beating Mark Henry for the WWE Title.
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