Summerslam What are the chances Cena loses at Summerslam?

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    Not sure if the spoiler rule is still in effect but whatever.

    So we all now know it's for sure going to be Bryan/Cena at SummerSlam. What are the chances of Cena actually losing to Bryan?
    Will it be clean?
    Also, does either guy walk out as champ or does Orton cash in the same night?
    What do you see going down?
  2. Well, what I'd put my money on happening (since I'm being strangely optimistic as of late) is DB winning clean (with a Sunset Flip reversal or similar, not decisive but still clean) and Orton cashing in. But I could see it going either way.

  3. Yeah, I see something like this happening as well. Would be a good way to finally turn Orton heel (LMFAO NEVER GONNNA HAPPEN, I know).
    I really wouldn't have a problem with it either, as long as Bryan ends up feuding with Orton and beats him at a later PPV. Bryan going over Cena (for the title) and then going over Orton (again for the title) could do wonders.
  4. Pretty big in my opinion,I just hope Bryan wouldn't be a transistional champion.
  5. Pretty high, I believe they will have Cena lose, Orton cash in, Bryan and Orton feud for a few months ending with Bryan holding the title.
  6. inb4 Cena squashes Bryan we have a long ass Cena/Orton fued :dawg: :vince:
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  7. It's 50/50 in my mind. Either Cena wins a hard fought match and puts Bryan over with the crowd afterwards or Bryan pulls out a surprise win and shocks the living shit out of everyone.
  8. I have a bad feel wwe will screw us and have cena win!? :sad:
  9. That wouldnt be screwing us
  10. As much as I hate to say it, Cena won't lose. I'm still certain they're going to make Cena beat Punk's streak since he's McMahon's golden boy.
  11. 50% Not really optimistic
  12. Yeah, for sure. I could see DB jobbing and Cena retaining to feud with Orton but I don't think that's what they're going for, it really seems like they're going all the way with Bryan, which is awesome. Heel Orton seems like a possibility, I don't really crave for it anymore nor do I think it's easy to pull off given his overness but still.
  13. Cena wins, Orton doesn't cash in because he may cash in at WM30 8That'd be great imo). Bryan gets another chance to defeat Cena and they start a feud.
  14. I think the most likely scenario is Bryan pinning Cena's shoulders to the match cleanly (why wouldn't it be cleanly? I can't think of anyone who would interfere and cost Cena the match, like Edge did during the Cena/RVD match in 2006), and then Orton cashing in afterwards. This could lead to an Orton/Cena/Bryan triple threat, which could then lead to a Orton/Bryan match where Bryan goes over and wins the championship back. (Actually, the triple threat would be an awesome match inside the cell come HIAC this October, if they held it off till then.)

    But I think it's just as probable that Cena goes over but makes Bryan look like a fierce competitor and a god by the time the match is over, if Bryan takes Cena to his absolute limit. You don't always have to win to be put over in a huge way. This could still be great for Bryan by making him come *that* close to winning the world championship gold, only for it to slip away at the last moment. It would build even more anticipation to him winning it later on.
  15. IMO: It'd be really silly to do anything that isn't putting the strap on Bryan. He is SO hot right now.
  16. I agree, but it can go either way really. It IS Cena.

    Also, I advise everyone to NOT get their hopes up. Bryan could very well end up tapping out or some shit.
  17. I agree. Not that I think Bryan would suddenly cease to be over if they don't capitalize right now in the biggest way, but history has shown what common sense should dictate, which is that putting the strap on someone when they're at their hottest and when the fans want to see them win the championship is the bright thing. This didn't happen with Lex Luger the two times that different promotions had the chance to make him into a big main event star (with Flair in the NWA, and with Yokozuna at Summerslam 1993) and he lost momentum both times. Similar thing happened to Ryback last October. Bryan is as popular as he's ever been, so having him go become champion just to see what kind of lightning they may capture in a bottle (not that I think he's the next mega star, but it could easily be the start of a consistent main event career for sure) seems the smartest business move.
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  18. I don't know man alls I know is that this match is going to be legendary.
  19. Summerslam is going to be dope. If Cena is to lose this may even go after Lesnar/Punk.
  20. Inb4 bryan wins and Orton cashes in 17 seconds.
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