Extreme Rules What are the chances of Batista making a return at Extreme Rules?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Zack Ryder, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. As some of us may have heard, rumors are spreading around about Batista. Lot's of people think Batista will return at Extreme Rules, what do you think the chances are on that?
  2. 50/50 he either does or doesn't.
  3. I'm hoping he does.
  4. I think most likely he will now with Cena injured.
  5. Yeah and he probably'll get in a feud with Ryback.
  6. In what way? I don't see him making a surprise comeback interfering in someone's match or something. I could see a scenario where Batista steps up to Brock Lesnar and wants "payback" (the name of the next PPV) for what Lesnar has done to Triple H. But even if Triple H loses his next match with Brock, I don't see him going out on his back or selling some huge beat down or injury again. Plus, if Batista does return, then a match with Lesnar is almost inevitable but I don't see him laying down for Brock in his first match back.
  7. Don't see it at all personally.
  8. Batista coming back to WWE I think isn't real atm but may happen next year... The truth's that I'd love to see him back and feud Lesnar because they both have a MMA background
  9. Anyone remember hearing about that MMA style of shoot fight that was rumored for Triple H/Brock at Wrestlemania this year? They could do that eventually with Batista/Brock Lesnar because of their MMA backgrounds. Maybe have the first match be a normal match and then do the MMA fight in the second time around.
  10. Batista isn't coming back. He's in London filming Guardian's of the Galaxy. That's why he put on muscle mass. Because he is playing a behemoth of a character.
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    If so, how would it happen? Logic says he'd come back and... nah lets not even bother finishing that sentence. Stupid brain.


  12. Typical Meltzer
  13. Batista returning is really stumping me, I honestly don't know when or if he'll return.
  14. Don't really see it. They have plenty of superstars to choose from instead of bringing Batista in.
  15. That was a joke quote, haha
  16. Lmfao wow. It shows how predictably shit Meltzer is that I genuinely thought he reported that.
  17. Haha no sweat. Edited post, and will wait for a later date to mock you about it. :obama:
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  18. Lmao ffs :okay:

    The edit is so patronising as well. FML. :why:
  19. I thought that was Meltzer too :haha: The only thing I saw was, "We are unsure if Batista will show up at all, so we're going to give a 50/50 prediction. U mad bro?"
  20. well with cena injured wwe need a top guy
    and i would love to see batista back
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