What are the chances of him returning?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. What are the chances of billy gunn returning too WWE? he must be quite old now (48 years old too be exact).

    Not my fave wrestler but he was quite amusing as mr 'ass' lol.
  2. Well Road Dogg is back so it's possible. Even give them a shot at the tag belts, beating legends isn't ever really a bad thing.
  3. Road Dogg ain't back he only made small one off apearences at royal and the awards.
  4. Not high and I wouldn't want it to be honest. Road Dogg just hosts a WWE YouTube show.
  5. He's also doing stuff for their network aswell as hosting a YouTube show. He's back in the WWE in some form.

    -- Road Dogg said Wednesday he is filming footage for the WWE Network. He wrote, "Headed to Stamford, Ct. Doing some Network shows and then off to FCW tv and live event for meet and greet. Busy little bee! #OUDK"

    Read more: http://www.WrestlingInc.com/wi/news/2012/0201/549234/lance-storm/#ixzz1pCPOXyJt
  6. But he's not on tv (on RAW or SD anyway) which is the plus side.
  7. Yet but if Billy came in they could reunite and put over a heel team? Like I said before it's never bad to go over a legendary team is it?
  8. No but to put a team over those legends will need to seem credible -- thus beating younger superstars. Unless they team up, put someone over and leave, that's pointless though. They could easily just build up heels properly and do it the right way, lol.
  9. They could but they aren't. Just a few hype videos then have them feud with the champions for a few weeks. Epico and Primo are heels so why not have Road Dogg return to TV for one night only Epico and Primo attack him Billy makes the save, Johnny Ace / Teddy comes out and announces they'll put the titles on the line at the next PPV. Epico and Primo go over. The NAO are regarded as one of the best teams ever so showing there past accomplishments would help make the belts relevant again. Not to mention the belts are put in a great position as they're defended on a PPV and have a feud built around them and the champions.
  10. How cool would it be for Kings of Wrestling to come in & feud with the New Age Outlaws to put them over as a solid team in the WWE.
  11. Dog is back maybe to come to raw soon but not a high chance that gun will return
  12. Road Dogg in WWE+ Bill Gunn want back in WWE + Road Doog putting a good word in to HHH and WWE = THE RETURN OF THE GREATEST TAG TEAM EVER THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS! The Tag Team div. is SAVE!
  13. x pac could return since he was the awards last year
  14. None. Didn't he leave years ago and went onto to TNA?
  15. He did but he's long gone from TNA.
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