WrestleMania What are the chances of The Rock defeating Cena at WrestleMania?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by AnnaLove, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. Seeing that The Rock already agreed to appear at Extreme Rules, what are the probability of his win at WrestleMania?

    To me, I can actually see him win against John Cena. That would be good, and will only build up this "Cena can't beat The Rock" even more. And at Extreme Rules it might be a good way to turn Cena heel. He might get very frustrated that he didn't win again, and slowly turn himself 'heel' until his clash with The Rock at Extreme Rules.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Him being at ER really makes things different. He's either winning at Wrestlemania so Cena can get it back at Extreme Rules and Rock can leave for X amount of months again, or he's losing at Wrestlemania so thety can build Extreme Rules as the finale of tjhis feud (part three, the rubber match). The issue I see with the latter is that the PPV is so close to Wrestlemania and I doubt they'd want to make the Wrestlemania win for Cena look like a filler until the finale at Extreme Rules, but I can't see Cena losing to Rock two PPV's in a row. It's hard to call.
  3. And three WM in a row
  4. I'd say the chances of Rock winning at Mania are extremely slim to none, and I can't stress how slim it actually is. The only reason I'm even considering the possibility due to the fact I didn't expect him to win last year (although circumstances are very different here).

    Anyway, the explanation. The story behind their Mania encounter is at its core, about John Cena regaining loss success after losing his bigger match by winning an even bigger one. Cena placed his match with Rock high on a pedestal last year, to the point of saying if he lost, his career meant nothing. He ended up losing it, and he began his fall. Then he beat Brock Lesnar and went on to have a pretty damn good year . . . but in WWE's mind he had a fall. The beginning of 2013 lead to second chances, and at the Rumble, unforeseen (kayfabe) circumstances lead to him being able to get the rematch of a lifetime. Because remember, it was Once In A Lifetime because they thought at the moment it would be. Cena wouldn't have placed the match highly if he knew then he'd just get a rematch but I digress. The point is now Cena has found himself and the same position as last year except this time the stakes are higher, the WWE Championship is on the line. He beat CM Punk, the other opponent he couldn't "beat" (Just go with it; you know with this and the fall "Just go with it" could be the entire motto of this feud) and is now going to redeem himself at the grandest stage of them all. And that is the reason he'll win, because the match happening at Mania is a big plot point in the story. WrestleMania is without a doubt a much more important show than any that WWE produces. Its the biggest show, its a big reason to why Cena placed that match so high up on a pedestal. Him redeeming himself, involves him beating The Rock, but it also involves him beating The Rock in the biggest match in his career. A rematch after two failed attempts at Extreme Rules is not the biggest match in his career. The rematch of a lifetime at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship is the biggest match in his career, and from a narrative point of view is the place where his victory will have the greatest amount of satisfactions. The story hinges on the fact that Cena beats him at Mania when everything is on the line, it's not just about beating him. Yes, you could also say that the story hinges on Cena taking a fall but WWE has always been a lot better at booking Cena as a winner, not a loser, so the same faulty booking isn't likely to happen here.

    Extreme Rules will be the rubber match and I prefer it that way for several reasons. A big one being that in the scenario where Rock wins at Mania, why would Cena get a third chance to face him? And I mean a legitimate reason, not a, "He's John Cena".
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  5. I see it where Cena will win it at WM and the feud will come to an end at Extreme Rules. It just seems like they're ready for Cena to have the WWE Championship again.
  6. About as good as my chances of beating Cena at WM.
  7. Mustafa pretty much said it. Cena winning this year makes more sense than him losing and getting his big win over The Rock at a B-PPV like Extreme Rules. And he would still be 1-2, which would still put Rock over Cena since it means it took Cena three times to finally beat him.

    The angle last year was Cena treating Rock as the underdog because he doubted he still had it in him to win a big match again. Rock proved Cena wrong, and then beat the longest reigning champ of the modern era (something Cena couldn't do, and even lost the belt to him twice.) Now the tables are turned, and it's Cena who looks like the underdog this year, and thus has something to prove.

    People say that Rock winning last year was unpredictable, and it mostly was, but there were even people at this time in 2012 that said Rock winning was probable because it was in Miami and there were rumors of Rock and Cena doing a trilogy, meaning Cena could always win the next two, which seems to be the plan now. Cena losing this year would make zero sense unless they really are planning a heel turn for Cena at Extreme Rules, which they're obviously not.
  8. You're tough bro. Don't be so hard on yourself.
  9. Cena won't job twice, this whole feud has been set up for him to beat his unbeatables setting up to the streak match at 30 IMO.
  10. He was confirming Rock going over :cornette:
  11. 0% imo, Rock is losing, there is no way in hell he is going over, they won't give the Rock the 2 big WM wins only to give Cena an ER win, this whole feud is to make Cena go over Rock.
    The ER match will be a rubber match, the rematch for the Rock which will see him job again to Cena to make it 2-1 Cena.
  12. They're too low in my personal opinion, he may appear at ER just to use his rematch clause
  13. He won't win.
  14. 0%
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