What are the most uncomfortable and/or not-so-well performed WWE segments that you've ever seen?

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    The most uncomfortable and poorly done segment in my opinion was WWE Raw(2002 episode) Katie Vick segment with Triple H wearing Kane's mask committing a fake necrophilia on a mannequin(In short words, fucking a mannequin). Not only was that a little too extreme for a WWE Ruthless Agression segment but it created a lot of confusions about Kane's character that was never talked about back when he first debuted as Kane.

    This angle/segment didn't really disturb me at all as I've seen much worse things in life(particularly on the internet) but I still thought it was a poorly written segment that created a lot of uncertainty in the storyline
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  2. That Katie Vick segment is one of the most cringe-worthy BS of all time.

    This one, too.
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  3. Didn't Vince do that Kate Vick angle just so he can tease HHH about it?

    In recent memory, I didn't like the Bearer ashes angle. It wasn't that bad after I thought about it. I think Paul would be cool with it tbh.
  4. Got to agree with the Vick stuff, for some reason I thought the Big Boss Man and Big Show's dad angle was kind of funny, mostly just the poem that he read- oddly enough I still remember it. The funeral stuff I didn't hate, but I didn't really care for it much.
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  5. Kennel from hell is cringe worthy
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    Yeah. Coincidentally, The Big Show's father actually did passed away couple of years before this angle. Anyways. the funny thing about all of the uncomfortable segments in the WWE is that even though this Katie Vick segment wasn't very good, everyone(WWE staffs and fans) are all offended by that yet no one says anything about the Smackdown segment with Heidenreich kidnapping Michael Cole and then raping him backstage.

  7. Heidenreich with Cole was the most awkward one for me lol. That was just....wows :haha: Would throw in another one, but at the moment I don't have any I was uncomfortable with. Hornswoggle winning the cruiserweight championship was uncomfortable to me.
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  8. There's was another very uncomfortable Raw segment(then Raw Is War) I can recall back in 1998 where Road Warrior Hawk attempted a suicide jump off of the very top stage. Even for the Attitude Era, that was still a pretty extreme segment to be scripted. What made that very uncomfortable was that Road Warrior Hawk really had drug addiction and alcohol problems(non-kayfabe) at that point.

    If there was one WWE disturbing segment that genuinely bothered me the most, it's the Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton build-up back in early 2006 where Orton was making remarks about Eddie Guerrero being in hell(couple of months after Eddie passed away). I know that it was just a scripted segment and a good way for Orton to attract more heat from the fans and everything but I still felt that it was pretty low and a little disrespectful(To the Guerrero family) of the WWE story writers to create such a segment.
  9. Katie Vick is definitely up there, for obvious reasons.

    The original Diva Search contest from 2004 produced a couple of segments that felt pretty damn awkward to watch, to say the least. Not because they contained 'disturbing' content or anything, but because they were just so badly done and made me (further) embarrassed to be a wrestling fan. For starters, one segment had Randy Orton (in his early days) coming out and doing his whole heel shtick by cutting a scathing promo on all the Divas, but because none of these clueless bimbos (at least 99.9% of them) actually watch the show, they didn't know how they were to supposed to react to that sort of thing and apparently no one backstage told them either, and so they all just stood there giggling and smiling like nothing's wrong. And then in another segment, you had The Rock asking the Divas if they liked pie and then one of the Divas (Christy, if I remember, who ended up winning the contest) sits down in an actual pie because she said "her ass was hungry."

    (Diva Search segments, in general, tended to produce bad television for me.)
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  10. I feel you dude. If there was one thing that disliked about the Ruthless Aggression Era, it's the fact that the majority of Divas/Female Wrestlers couldn't wrestle and act in segments for shit and there were only a few female wrestlers around this time who actually possessed some wrestling skills(Lita, Melina, Mickie James, Jazz, Victoria, Gail Kim). The Divas(the ones who were randomly selected from the Diva Search) may have had the beautiful looks and sexual attraction that'll bring casual male wrestling fans on to their arena seats but they don't impress the real pro wrestling fans at all in terms of sheer in-the-ring skills.
  11. What is the problem people have with the Katie Vick angle? Obviously it was horribly written crap, but people act like it was somehow super offensive? HHH pretending to fuck a manikin while wearing Kane's mask? Seems pretty tame compared to a lot of the shit from that time honestly, and yet it is constantly talked about years later. I've never really understood it.
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  12. I'll admit, I never really found the angle to be offensive at all as many sensitive people do. I just think the Katie Vick segment/angle was poor scripting because of the amount of loopholes that it has, thus causing confusions with the storyline(particularly with Kane).
  13. I don't remember the specific ins and outs of the angle, nor do I care to try and recall them.

    I just find it funny that the scene is HHH pretending to fuck a manikin to make Kane look bad while people portray the scene as HHH legitimately fucking a corpse.
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