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  1. I feel like this should be a thread on its own... Inspired by the discussion that was started here: http://wweforums.net/threads/rock-vlogs-on-the-rumble.41570/

    - So...

    What are the odds of Reigns not winning the title from Brock, though? I don't think anyone's booked to defeat Lesnar, at this point. Not even Cena/Bryan/Orton, let alone Reigns who isn't as 'credible' as those three superstars. And this isn't a knock on Reigns, it's actually on them booking Lesnar like a baddest mofo on God's green earth and beyond.

    Assuming Lesnar is leaving after post-WM Raw episode, which is his final work date, if I'm not mistaken... Then, I wouldn't be surprised if Reigns tried his best, but still couldn't defeat the one behind twenty one and one. He'd still take a piece of Brock with him, though, just like he said in that interview on Raw... Then, let's assume there'd be a 'screwjob' on Heyman's part and he'd actually screw Lesnar after the match, providing an opportunity for Rollins to (successfully) cash in. By the way, they teased Rollins/Heyman working together in the near future like 2 weeks ago on SmackDown.
  2. I could see Lesnar beating Reigns if he still ends up getting more dates on his contract, but if he holds the title for probably until WM32, he'll look way too strong IMO; he'll have to beat most of the top faces along the way but then again, it gives Reigns another year to beat the top heels to get his redemption. And hopefully a Royal Rumble where Reigns isn't in the last 3 with The fucking Big Show and Corporate Kane.
  3. I worry about the state of Rollins and his briefcase. At least if Brock retained (which I give about a 1% chance of happening, even if Lesnar did re-sign), Rollins could cash in on him now that he'd be in a withered and battered state, and from there he could get a semi-long title reign that lasted until at least Summerslam (if not longer) before dropping it to Reigns or whoever. But if Reigns walks out with the gold, then you're looking at a one-month title reign at most if Rollins cashes in successfully. If this were the old days where Backlash was still the April PPV, then Seth could get himself counted out or disqualified in the rematch and walk away with the title, but with Extreme Rules as the first post-WM PPV now, the only way for Rollins to retain is on a pinfall or submission, and there ain't no way Rollins is getting a dirty victory like that over Reigns just one month after becoming The Conqueror Of The 1 In 21-1.
  4. True, true. I could see them doing a triple threat or two to prolong Rollins' title reign so he can pin someone not called Reigns.
  5. Id like to see brock retain vs reigns with reigns pushing him to his limits then id have rollins come out and cash in on lesnar and ultimately winning The title
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  6. Reigns is not losing this match....I mean i'll make a bet on that. They're pushing this guy to obviously be the next Cena and if that's going to happen, having him beat Brock is the best way to do it.

    I don't feel that they'd have him win the Rumble...move up as quickly as they have....just to have him fail to Brock...that would make him look so weak in 2015 no matter what he did after that. I know Brock is supposed to be unstoppable.... but something has got to give and I have a feeling that Roman is going to be his Kryptonite. It may take numerous Superman punches and like 5 spears.....but he's winning it man lol
  7. The odds of Reigns losing are quite, quite lol imo. He's been booked the strongest out of the full timers for a reason.
  8. Slim to none, although as Gav the Chav pointed out, a competitive loss will help Reigns much more than an outright win as mentioned before.

    Now it's "much much much much much more" after the Royal Fumble
  9. Can't freakin' wait for them to stretch Reigns/Show feud till Fast Lane. :yeah:
  10. Well, he's gotta wrestle someone. :dawg:
  11. I know. But this thing with Show should've been over at the Rumble. :dawg:
  12. And look strong! :tough:

    And what better person than the Big... bad... showwwww... tonizzzzzzzzzzzz
  13. Hi, Michael Hayes. :emoji_grin:
  14. Well, we grill them for lack of continuity, I guess they should end this one, then. :dawg:
    Although I wouldn't blame them if they did it on Raw
  15. This ^

    Should end on Raw next week.

    Then book Reigns against someone not so boring as Show. And no, not Kane :dawg:
  16. Well, you do have a good point... :hmm:

    Question: I've given them a bit of a pass for the whole "The Bellas like each other now" garbage, but should they have continued that on? Guess that was the same lose-lose scenario this is, though. :dawg: Cool to see someone taking a stand one way or the other and not just blasting them.

    Do pay it off on Raw. He can kill Axel this week and Show will set up some stupid challenge (over the top rope, bodyslam, etc) that Reigns beats him in. Yay.

    Hear the rumored Fast Lane ME is an LMS match between the two, which sounds "better than you'd think". Yay.
  17. So, Reigns vs Show is gonna go all the way till Fast Lane? Fuck that, man.

    They should just let Reigns put the Big Slow out of his misery already. Do the LMS on RAW instead and get it over with.
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  18. I have found that Bella stuff garbage. I mean, they're having this heated "I wish you died in the womb" feud (this may have not had the effect I meant but you got me) and out of nowhere they're friends again? I mean, I still expect Brie to turn on her and say she was pretending to be Nikki's friend (for whatever reason), but shouldn't there have been ONE promo that took like 30 seconds where she says they're friends now? Yes, a big lack in logic, but it went by because no one could stand the feud.
  19. Just gonna reply to this over PM as to not flood this thread with Bella Slut garbage. :dawg:
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  20. Doesn't need to be show lol
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