What are they doing with Brodus Clay and R-Truth

Discussion in 'RAW' started by wwefan4life, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. What are they doing with Brodus Clay and R-Truth? I don't mind the funkasaurus dancing for the kids, and I admit I like it too, but an invisible little boy going through puberty? Who the heck writes this stuff and did one of these guys piss someone off? So sick of the make believe mumbo jumbo.
  2. With R-Truth I guess it was a way to get him on the show since the Truth/Kingston team is officially disbanded (they posted a video statement yesterday apparently)
  3. Yea but R-Truth has been doing that invisible kid gimmick. And it is getting more and more detailed and he really plays into it. I guess one thing can be said is he is a decent actor.
  4. Kids apparently like Lil'Jimmy for some reason. Which is sad because Truth's insane gimmick was much better when he was a heel.
  5. What are they doing? Embarrassing the wrestling industry as a whole, by my estimations.
  6. As I said in the discussion thread, I honestly think that segment was a filler for Q2 so Vince could announce his state of the WWE address to keep people tuned in after the commercial breaks. In my opinion the rewrites just left nothing for that so they said go out there, dance, Vince will interrupt and keep viewers watching.
  7. It was something to buy time while they got things in order backstage
  8. I thought it was going to set up Vince making a major announcement.
  9. Short and simple: They were used as Vince's assclowns.
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