What Are You Afraid Of?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. No Jokes, what are you truly afraid of? For me I'm afraid of nothing, I never had fear.

    Also, why are you afraid of whatever it is you're afraid of. This is a thread of self-find. Write out a well thought out paragraph explaining your fear(s).
  2. Knife wielding maniacs.

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  3. heights, bugs, going to Hell, drowning, being eaten alive, and snakes
  4. Governments.
  5. To be honest, I'm not afraid of going to hell. I can't go to hell no matter what I do. I'll take over.
  7. :dawg:
  8. Heights, death.
  9. i have a fear of needles and clowns
  10. Add balloons to that list and you have your perfect birthday party.
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  11. I get claustrophobic in really small spaces. Elevators work fine but from my in a ventilation shaft and I might need to collect myself. Angry dogs, attacked by two dalmatians as a kid. Dad scared them off but still pretty darn scary.
  12. That's mainly the point of claustrophobia.
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  13. :win:
  14. Yeah I get what you are saying. But I know some people that would get claustrophobia by just getting into a elevator. I can handle that so I guess mine ain't so severe.
  15. That'd probably fall under Cleithrophobia, which is specifically the fear of being inside enclosed places.
  16. Most of us have our fears. You can't change that. But we need to face those. :emoji_grinning:
  17. Unless you have a fear of facing fears.
  18. Spiders, Heights, Snakes and Clowns
  19. Heights, creatures and incests.
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