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  1. Pretty much like the movie thread, but with TV.

    I just finished Weeds the other day, and it was decent. It started to dip off after season 4 and I didn't like how it ended. I hate it when shows go into the future to cut off the story situations going on. Anyways, I'm currently watching The League and it's pretty funny so far. Taco would have to be my favorite character.
  2. Agree with your thoughts on Weeds entirely, I even thought it started to show a drop off after Season 3.. The League is a great show IMO, they keep it pretty original for the most part, I personally like Kevin as my favorite character but Taco comes pretty close and then Rafi who they introduce in season 2 premier is one of the greatest things to happen.

    Right now I'm currently watching the show "Baby Daddy" that airs on ABC family, it's pretty solid to be honest, decent amount of dirty jokes make it totally not normal ABC Family programming. The older brother in that show reminds me of a poor man's Chris Pratt with how his character is portrayed and how he does it.. I do have to say it can get cheesy at times but so far so good IMO, very watchable.

    After I'm done with that show I'm going to be watching the show Last Man Standing with Tim Allen, I hear it's pretty decent and he's still got it.
  3. Currently working through

    Trailer Park Boys
    An Idiot Abroad
  4. At the minute nothing but thats soon gunna change in the next few weeks with gotham, flash, arrow and the walking dead All starting soon
  5. Just finished re-watching all eight seasons of The Office. Cried like a baby during the finale (Again)
    Sons of Anarchy is back, so I'm fully invested in that again.
  6. MASTERCHEF US :woohoo:
  7. 10 more episodes to complete The Office (US).

    I also watch Rules of Engagement when I stumble upon it on TV, it's a fun show with easy-going characters. It's not great, but it's good, a throwback to the sitcoms of the 90s, I'd take it over Big Bang Theory and Modern Family in a heart beat.
  8. I'm two thirds of the way through the first series of Utopia. Pretty good stuff so far.
  9. Gotham and rewatching Breaking Bad.

    Gotham is great so far.

    And Breaking Bad, well, it's Breaking F'n Bad. Just possibly the greatest show of all time.
  10. Started watching Parks and Rec a couple days ago mainly for Aziz. It's really similar to The Office, but better.
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  11. Watched Doctor Who on Saturday, Capaldi's pretty good.

    Also been watching Trailer Park boys and the specials, Fresh Meat and Misfits on Netflix...
  12. watched the new episode of the simpsons. wtf happened to this show =(
  13. Total Divas (lol)
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Ink Master Rivals
    New Girl
    The Goldbergs (hilarious sitcom about growing up in the 80s in USA)
    Teen Wolf
    House on Netflix here and there
    Going to watch The Blacklist in it's entirety eventually
    How I Met Your Mother (Season 9 now on Netflix!)

    Waiting for episodes of:
    The Tomorrow People (CW)
  14. Catching up on the early seasons of Mythbusters right now.
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  15. Big fan of Parks & Rec, I liked Chris Pratt throughout the series more than Aziz although Ron Swanson is probably the best character in the show.
  16. Watched the new simpsons episode which turned out to be quite disappointing really wanted to see a bigger character die

    the family guy/simpsons crossover was quite good though also watching gotham which has potential to be great I hope

    arrow flash and the walking dead begin next Week so im gunna be spoilt for choice
  17. Can't wait
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  18. I just finished the first season of Utopia. The premise is that five online friends end up with a manuscript for a cult graphic novel called 'The Utopia Manuscript', they end up banding together in real life to try and keep the second part (and unpublished) manuscript from falling into the wrong hands.

    It was pretty great- atmospheric, lots of twists and turns without being over complicated. Pretty dark in places too, which is never a bad thing.
  19. I'm going to start season 3 of American Horror Story. Loved the first two seasons for some reason lol. S4 looks cool too.

    I'm in S4 of Modern Family, trying to catch up, and also watched the first two eps of Black-ish, which has a ton of potential to be great.
  20. Aziz is an unfunny toolbag
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