What are you doing for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. This ain't some generic Christmas thread (fuck off if you make me call it "holidays"), I'm genuinely curious what you're going to be doing. Normally I'm either at my aunties house with the family at Christmas or at my mum's, but this year I won't be doing either. Kinda suckish but my auntie has her side of the family over and her old people friends, and my mum will be over her boyfriends whom I completely despise. My last alternative is spending the first three quarters of the day alone and then going to mum's to see my brother towards the end of the day, or spending it with my girlfriends family (they all hate me).

    So, I hope you're going to be doing something better than me. Share your stories people <3.
  2. Probally gonna stay at my Dad's house, visit all my family. Go see my great grandmother, my nana, my aunt, my uncle, my sister, my grandpa, my new black uncle, my cousins and probally surprise visits from other members of the family. Other than that, I have nothing else planned.
  3. Let me be you again, I'll come in like a wrecking ball.
  4. spending it with the family like always sucks that your not christmas time=family time
  5. Same thing as every year. Staying at my house spending the day with my mom, brother and sister. My dad will be coming over for part of the day too.
  6. I usually just at my house then either my dad comes over or I go to his, then I will most likely be in my room watching Breaking Bad season 5 on Blu Ray and playing BF4 on X1. Then Xmas dinner at my house and then across the street to my Aunt's for a Xmas party with my extended family, luckily I can leave whenever since its not even a 2 minute walk from mine so I will just go for an hour, go home, go back and forth every hour or so. Boxing Day is then kinda like an Xmas dinner at my dad's house [​IMG], Then a Boxing Day party at mine and sit on my arse eating, watching and gaming for 2 weeks.
  7. Sunday before Christmas I'll do some shit at my grandmas with aunts uncles cousins ect

    Xmas eve/Day I'll probably just spend at my moms with her and my sister.
  8. Christmas eve we have Grandma and Nana, maybe my sister and her brood too, over for their presents and the ones they got for the kids and lots of snack foods (deviled eggs, veggie plate, cheese and crackers, etc). We usually make bacon wrapped scallops the main "snack", but they are super expensive this yr ($16/lb) so maybe not. Then Christmas morning is me and my wife watching the kids open their gifts. Not sure if we are doing anything else later in the day though.
  9. Going to a pub called The Lamb x-mass eve. Started 13 years ago with me and two now former workmates. Every year we go the numbers increase its great as you dont always see ppl so its become a yearly reunion.

    Then for x-mass day going to my mums with my gf and my family for lunch and a mini party.

    Working Boxing Day.

    Then on 27th going my gf's mums for x-mass part two.

    Then back to work proper 28th onwards.
  10. Nothing much. Staying home, family gift giving time (and it seems I'm finally not getting anything this year like I've been trying to get to happen for years) & get Domino's because they're open. That's all I have planned, doubt anything else will really happen. Might be on here.
  11. Visiting the family, then Christmas dinner. The usual
  12. I'm going to have Christmas brunch with the Family in the morning, then I'll most likely just hand around a while before going home. I think that's about it as we're not really doing anything this year.
  13. Spending time with family Christmas Eve and Day. Christmas morning is always entertaining though. Going to be even funnier this year, adding 3 kittens in the equation. YES. I buy my animals presents. SO WHAT.


  14. Just going to be hanging with the family (mom and siblings). That's about it. Don't really do anything too special, or expect any gifts. Will probably end up getting drunk, haha.
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  15. Go to a family members house, exchange gifts, then get drunk because they all annoy me to no end.
  16. Cabin in the mountains with dad's side of the family.
  17. All my immediate family come round our house for a good ol' fashioned Crimbo dinner.
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  18. Christmas dinner for smogs is a maccy dee's, in't it?
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  19. For Christmas Eve, my aunt and grandma from my mom's side of the family comes over to our house. We go to mass in the evening, have dinner, and open gifts. On Christmas Day, I go over to my aunt and uncle's house from my dad's side of the family. We have lunch there and open gifts, and basically just spend time together. My six cousins come from that family so it's nice to see and spend time with everyone.
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